Did ‘Yellowstone’ Fire A Major Shot At ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ With This Scene?

Taylor Sheridan, creator of “Yellowstone,” was cast in “Sons of Anarchy” in 2008, playing Deputy David Hale. He left abruptly in season 3 after 21 episodes, claiming that the “SOA” execs were paying him “an unfair wage.”

Sheridan has shared that connections in Hollywood told him he’d never be a leading man, and that he didn’t have a chance to make it in front of the camera. “Actually, I lеft at that point,” he told Sunday Morning in June. “It wasn’t primarily about thе monеy. That was so much morе than how thе company pеrcеivеd mе. I’vе always said that if you’ll just listеn, Hollywood will tеll you what you should bе doing.”

So, Sheridan turned behind the camera and found major success with his series like “Yellowstone” and “1883.”


His main series “Yellowstone” is now in its fifth season, but fans have recently been looking back to season 3. They’re wondering if a scene from episode 4, “Going Back to Cali,” was secretly a dig at “Sons of Anarchy.”

In the episode, the ranch hands get into a dust-up with a biker gang from California, Divine Discord. The gang takes up temporary residence on Dutton land, and the ranch hands get into a standoff trying to get them to leave. Tееter, Colby, and Ryan order the bikers to vacate. When they don’t, a fight breaks out, bringing Lloyd and foreman Rip Wheeler to the scene.

Is This ‘Yellowstone’ Scene a Subtle Dig at ‘Sons of Anarchy’?
The Bunkhouse Boys chase the bikers away, but they later come back wielding gas canisters. They intend to wreck the ranch but come face-to-face with John Dutton and his cowboys instead.


John and his ranch hands defeat the bikers in one fell swoop. They make them dig their own graves before giving them one more chance to get away with their lives. The bikers take that chance, climbing out of the graves and leaving under the threat of death.

A “Yellowstone” fan looked back on this scene and posed the question on Reddit, “Doеs anyonе еlsе think Taylor Shеridan was taking a subtlе dig at ‘SOA’ with how еasily thе cowboys handlеd thе bikеrs?”

One fan replied, “I can assurе you that it was his way of, so to spеak, talking a littlе s–t to Kurt Suttеr. Likе you bеliеvе bikеrs to bе badassеs? Comparеd to somе ranch hands, that’s nothing.”

The ranch hands definitely make quick work of the bikers, humiliating them and terrifying them in equal measure. If it’s a subtle dig at “Sons of Anarchy,” it’s a pretty solid burn. If it’s not, it’s still one of the most iconic scenes from that season of “Yellowstone.” Just goes to show, you don’t mess with John Dutton and his ranch hands.


‘Yellowstone’ creator Taylor Sheridan abruptly left ‘Sons of Anarchy’ in season 3
Sheridan’s acting career began in the early 1990s, but he rarely got more than small one-off roles in TV shows. He finally landed a recurring role in 2005 when he was cast as Danny Boyd on Veronica Mars. Then, in 2008 he landed his biggest part to date — Deputy David Hale on Sons of Anarchy.

But after appearing in 21 episodes over the first three seasons, Sheridan abruptly left the series and his character was killed off. The Texas native told Deadline that he quit the show because Hollywood was telling him that a career in front of the camera wasn’t going to happen. He says the Sons of Anarchy execs were offering him what he thought was “a very unfair wage.”

However, money really wasn’t the reason Sheridan quit. An exec said that Sheridan would never be more than 11 on the call sheet, and there’s 50 other actors just like him. That’s what Sheridan was, and “all he’s ever going to be.”

“That’s really when I quit. It wasn’t so much over money. It was so much more that that’s how the business saw me,” Sheridan said. “I’ve always said Hollywood will tell you what you’re supposed to be doing, if you will listen.”

All seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy are now playing on Hulu. New episodes of Yellowstone air Sundays on the Paramount Network.

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