Yellowstone Fans Blast Rainwater and Monica: Delusional or Insanely Stupid?

Yellowstone features numerous villains and very few, if any, heroes. As a result, the show is very much a matter of perspective since some viewers see it from the point of view of the settlers (the Duttons) while others make more of a connection to the people deserving of the land.

For this reason, characters like Chief Rainwater and Monica Dutton were established to present the other side of the narrative.

Chief Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) represents the people of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. He’s been clashing with the Duttons since the first season in efforts to reclaim the land. Then, there is Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille), who also plays a tremendous role in Yellowstone. She’s the lover of Kayce Dutton, the oldest surviving son of John Dutton (Kevin Costner).


Monica frequently wrestles with conflicts between her family and the Broken Rock Reservation.

Monica’s role has become more prominent in Yellowstone in recent memory. She’s given birth to John’s first grandson, Tate, and lost another child in a devastating car accident. Kayce met with Monica immediately following his mysterious vision in which he “saw the end of us.” Meanwhile, Rainwater has been ramping up his efforts to take down the Duttons, including a possible partnership with Jamie Dutton.

Are Monica and Chief Rainwater Related in Yellowstone?

Still, Rainwater and Monica are either delusional or insanely stupid, at least according to one Redditor. The post outlines several explanations as to why the characters are delusional.


“Rainwater wants people to return to an earlier, worse state of being,” the Redditor (u/WarHead17) deplored before pointing out the many ways life is considered better than it was a hundred, or two hundred years ago.

It’s like they want to “reverse the development of the human species,” the Redditor commented, suggesting that Rainwater only has romantic ideals of the past and refuses to examine the ways it has improved. As such, Rainwater may want to return to an era of hunters and gatherers, and Monica may desire nothing more than to revert back to living in tents, but that’s foolish.

Consequently, Rainwater is a “hypocrite” because he embraces certain aspects of technology (like driving an automobile) while Monica overlooks her modern house full of amenities. The characters insist on honoring the past yet are misguided in their attempts, often glamorizing an ancient lifestyle that was notoriously “nasty, brutish, and short”.

As a result, the poster claims that Rainwater and his allies want to “revert evolution”. It’s not in human nature to go backward, but forward, thus Rainwater and his people need to embrace reality.

Despite the well-reasoned argument, not everyone is a fan of the theory. “I don’t think they’re delusional,” another Redditor countered, “…perhaps you might be shortsighted and maybe a bit selfish”. It’s true, not everyone believes things are getting better with time, especially the health of the planet. What’s more, others argue that Rainwater and Monica are not attempting to revert evolution so much as a desire to enjoy a simpler lifestyle or live off the grid.


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