‘Yellowstone’ Cast Terrified Of What’s To Come In Season 5

The cast and crew of Yellowstone are as anxious as fans for Season 5 to resume. Many of the actors are carrying added anxiety about what’s to come for their characters.

Piper Perabo (who plays John Dutton love interest Summer Higgins) echoes her castmates in saying they don’t know what is to come. Nobody has received any scripts yet.

“I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen next,” she says. “That’s what’s sort of terrifying.”


Yellowstone Season 5, Part 1 wrapped in January with Jamie and Beth Dutton at odds like never before.
The debut of Part 2 (expected to be six episodes) is not known.
Earlier this month, several castmates canceled a scheduled appearance at PaleyFest in Los Angeles.
Actor Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton) expects the worst, saying that creator Taylor Sheridan surprises him with every script, and the surprises are always difficult.

“So whatever it’s going to be, it’s going to be hard to do,” he shares.

Both were part of Deadline’s Contenders Television panel on Sunday (April 16). Gil Birmingham (Thomas Rainwater) and director Stephen Kay were also part of the panel. Video of the panel has not been released, but a recap shared by Deadline mentions nothing of the elephant in the room. The closest anybody came to recognizing the remainder of Season 5 is on delay was Kay.


“Taylor is in Texas spinning hay into gold and we’re hoping we’re hoping we’ll do it soon,” he says. “Everybody’s excited.”

The off-set conversation about Season 5 of Yellowstone has centered around Kevin Costner’s return. Several outlets (including Deadline) have reported on a rift between the star and the network, leaving fans and media to draw conclusions. Officially, Paramount’s comment is that they look forward to continuing Season 5 with Costner. However, they quietly pulled a trailer for the second half of Season 5 that promised new episodes this summer.

Outlets like Puck now say to expect new episodes in the fall, at the earliest.

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