Yellowstone Ending Makes Jimmy’s Exit Permanent

immy might be an audience favorite but news of Yellowstone ending makes it unlikely he’ll ever return to the ranch. Jimmy Hurdstram (Jefferson White) made his debut during Yellowstone’s first season, where he served an important function. The character was a former drug dealer whose grandfather begged John Dutton (Kevin Costner) to bring Jimmy on as a ranch hand, despite having no experience. For the first few years, Jimmy was totally out of his element and learning on the job, and in doing so, served as an audience surrogate so viewers could also learn how ranch life works.

Jimmy was comic relief initially, but over time, he became a viewer favorite and had one of the best arcs on Yellowstone. By the end of season 4, Dutton gave Jimmy his blessing to leave the Yellowstone for a new life on the famous 6666 ranch with fiance Emily (Kathryn Kelly). Yellowstone season 5 confirmed he and Emily were still living their best lives there, and given events both onscreen and behind the scenes, it’s doubtful Jimmy will return to the ranch.

Jimmy’s 6666 Spinoff Is Better Than A Yellowstone Return



Given how many Yellowstone spinoffs are on the way from creator Taylor Sheridan, it should come as little surprise Jimmy’s original exit was a way to set up a solo 6666 series. This historic, real-life Texas ranch is where Dutton sends Jimmy to learn how to become a true cowboy, and while he struggles initially, he soon falls in love with the sprawling property. Jimmy is set to become a lead character in 6666, which should see a further evolution for the ex-criminal.

Jimmy was a total newbie who couldn’t even ride a horse during the first season of Yellowstone, but his time at 6666 has transformed him. He has a new life there and is untangled from his past, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to be the butt of the joke anymore. 6666 is a more exciting direction for the character, but confirmation that the original Yellowstone series is ending because Costner wants to leave has essentially shut the door on Jimmy returning to the titular Montana ranch.


Yellowstone Ending Makes Jimmy’s Exit Permanent

jimmy in yellowstone spinoff 6666

Rumors were brewing for months that Costner wanted to leave Yellowstone to focus on his Western saga Horizon, and now that’s confirmed, the second half of season 5 will close out the show. A Yellowstone sequel series will continue on in the aftermath, but which characters will return is currently unknown. However, it’s hard to picture Jimmy being part of that line-up either. There’s nothing tying him to Montana or the Dutton ranch anymore, and John Dutton’s exit gives Jimmy even less reason to make a ranch comeback. For now, 6666 is Jimmy’s best future in the ever-expanding Yellowstone franchise.



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