“Yellowstone” Season 5 Tease Rip Wheeler Death, Cole Hauser Speaks Out

Cole Hauser speaks on whether his character kicks the bucket.

In late September, Yellowstone fans were in a tizzy after the series posted a tribute video for Rip Wheeler’s birthday and teased, “Get ready, Yellowstone TV fans. Something big is coming.”

Viewers theorized that the “something big” was a spoiler that Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) was going to die in the show.


Will Rip Wheeler die in Yellowstone?
It’s too soon to tell whether Rip Wheeler will survive on Yellowstone. That said, seeing as he and Beth just tied the knot in Season 4, it’s possible the “something big” will just be something like a baby, an affair or any number of storylines for the newlyweds in the drama.

That said, one other reason fans speculate that Rip may not survive is Cole Hauser’s casting in 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, a spinoff of Yellowstone spinoff 1883 that starred Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Still, it’s quite possible he can do more than one job at once!


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What did Cole Hauser say about Rip dying on Yellowstone?
Cole Hauser, who stars as the troubled Rip in the series, tried to put some of the rumors of his character’s doom to rest in an interview with TODAY.

“My mom’s told me a couple of them and I said, ‘Mom, I do the killing. Don’t worry about it,'” he said. “I think we’re OK. For now.”

Alarm bells immediately started sounding off as fans were warned of a potentially devastating twist for Rip and Beth.


However, Cole has now confirmed they will at least be plenty more from the fan-favourite couple before the inevitable battle for the ranch.

“There’s a darkness to him that I love,” the star said on TODAY.

“But there’s also, kind of, this real passion and love that he has for Beth and I thought that’s a really good juxtaposition as an actor to be able to play that.”

He also added there are more “colours” he would like to explore within Rip, so it definitely seems like the tough ranch wrangler’s fate hasn’t been sealed just yet.

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