‘Yellowstone’ Star Piper Perabo Weighs in on How Show Will End, Would ‘Keep Going’ if It Were Up to Her

The second half of ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 is set to air in November

Piper Perabo, who plays Kevin Costner’s love interest in “Yellowstone,” said she has no idea how the show will end, but if it were up to her, she would keep it going.

“I have no idea what’s happening next, and the whole thing left off on this cliffhanger, so I’m waiting myself,” Perabo told Entertainment Tonight in an interview released Tuesday.


In the mid-season finale, her character Summer Higgins was on house arrest in Montana while a majority of the rest of the cast was headed for Texas.

“I don’t know if we start the next [episode] and they’re coming back from Texas,” she said. “I don’t know if we’re all gonna go to Texas. I also don’t want to imagine a life for Summer in the winter in Montana. She’s on house arrest, so I hope John [Dutton] comes home or gets her sentence commuted to Texas.”

Piper Perabo as Summer on "Yellowstone"

The final episodes – the last half of season five – are set to come out in November.


“If it were up to me, I would want it to keep going, but I know that [co-creator] Taylor [Sheridan] is writing the prequels and he has all these things that he’s doing and he wants to expand the whole thing, so even though ‘Yellowstone’ might be ending, there may be so many more things to come.”

Perabo said she hopes the Hollywood writer’s strike does not affect the expected November release for the show’s last episodes.

“I stand with the writers in solidarity and I’m really glad that they are fighting for fair wages and transparency and I hope that we can end this strike soon,” she said. “I know Taylor Sheridan was writing before the strike was happening and one of the fun things about working on a Sheridan show is that you really don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

The final six episodes were originally expected to be released this summer, but the date was pushed back to the fall because of production delays unrelated to the strike.

Kevin Costner stars as rancher John Dutton on Yellowstone


Even though the Costner-led Western is ending, there is an unnamed sequel series set to roll out in December.

“‘Yellowstone’ has been the cornerstone on which we have launched an entire universe of global hits — from ‘1883’ to ‘Tulsa King,’ and I am confident our ‘Yellowstone’ sequel will be another big hit, thanks to the brilliant creative mind of Taylor Sheridan and our incredible casts who bring these shows to life,” Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of MTV Entertainment Studios, the company that produces the show, said in a statement.

David Glasser, the CEO of 101, another studio that produces the beloved series, said, “The Dutton story continues, picking up where ‘Yellowstone’ leaves off in another epic tale. We are thrilled to bring this new journey to audiences around the world.”

Many people believe that this will be the spinoff that Matthew McConaughey is set to star in.

Matthew McConaughey in an orange jacket laughs with a brown cowboy hat on and sunglasses

“I think he could be good in the ‘Yellowstone’ world,” Perabo said of McConaughey.

“He lives in Texas, he understands the cowboy lifestyle. This is what I gotta say, he better be a good rider because Taylor Sheridan is a great cowboy. But if you don’t know how to ride, I don’t know if cowboy schools [are] gonna get you up to ‘Yellowstone’ level. You better come in with some experience.”

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