OutDaughtered: Will Grandma Mimi RETURN On The New Season After Her Arrest?

Grandma Mimi was a hit among fans of OutDaughtered, Danielle Busby’s mother would always step up when the quint parents would want an extra set of hands to take care of their girls. She gradually made space for herself in fans’ hearts too. However, there was a harrowing incident in the past. Apparently, the elderly castmate ran into some trouble with the law. It happened after the cops arrested Michelle for driving under the influence. Now that the show is back with a brand new season, fans wonder if Grandma Mimi will show up in the show or not.

OutDaughtered: Grandma Mimi Planning To Stay Away From The Cameras After DUI Arrest? Won’t Appear On Season 9?
Grandma Mimi was a recurring cast member of OutDaughtered. Viewers loved watching her and her special bond with the quint girls. Over the years, they grew very familiar with her and the rest of the Busbys. But things took a rather dark turn in 2020. Texas cops found Mimi driving under the influence. On approaching her, they found her car was reeking of perfume. Something all drunk drivers are guilty of doing. That’s not all. Michelle also failed all the tests to prove her sobriety, and there was an arrest, too.



She had to enter a driver program for a year and stay away from alcohol and other controlled substances. After this, Grandma Mimi or Michelle Theriot also made her social media private. Fans began to assume she was staying away from the public eye following her arrest. Now that OutDaughtered Season 9 is all set to return to TV, fans didn’t get a glimpse of Mimi in the trailer. Many assumed it was because the star was still willing to avert from the audience.

On the other hand, some supporters emphasize that Mimi paid the price for breaking the law. After all, she is still family. Hence, others shouldn’t be so hard on her. Therefore, they wanted everyone to take it easy and hoped to see her in the new season again. Well, it is uncertain if Michelle will return or not. Fans will have to wait for the episodes to premiere to know for sure.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Shares Special “Once In A Lifetime” Moment With His Father!
While things are uncertain about Danielle’s mother, Mimi, coming back on the show, Adam shared a highlight with his dad. Viewers have seen his parents, Tyrell and Phillip, become part of Outdaughtered in quite a few episodes in the past. Recently, Adam met up with his father to go on a memorable road trip. The father-son duo was on a road trip off to Indianapolis for Indy500, an annual automobile race. Adam put up a wholesome picture with his dad as they grinned ear to ear.


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Adam explained how it was once in a lifetime opportunity for him and his father to watch his race. Well, viewers were glad to see them bonding. After all, the Busby patriarch rarely shares pictures with his folks on his social media. Others wondered if this would feature in the upcoming OutDaughtered season as it was indeed wholesome as well as an extraordinary moment for Adam. Do you want to see them share the screen in the upcoming season? Tell us in the comments below.



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