Ceaser Responds to Serious Accusations Made by Dutchess + Gives Status with Daughter

Before his time on “Black Ink Crew” ended, Ceaser had a nasty fallout with his daughter.
Ceaser‘s departure from “Black Ink Crew” really didn’t sit well with him. In fact, he feels like the show was stolen from him. As we reported, Ceaser was fired after a video of him allegedly abusing a dog went viral. Donna was one of the first “Black Ink Crew” stars to bring attention to it. Some fans called for his firing. And not too long later, VH1 announced that it was parting ways with Ceaser. Interestingly enough, Ceaser said he should have been given grace by the network. He said the success of the show warranted him getting the opportunity to prove his innocence.

Another thing that Ceaser said didn’t sit well with him is that he believes VH1 took the dog abuse claims more seriously than the accusations made by his daughter Cheyenne.

Cheyenne accused Ceaser of putting his hands on her during an explosive Instagram Live session. At the time, she was living with Ceaser and his ex Suzette. She also accused Ceaser of doing more for Suzette’s kids. And she and her mother Crystal both said that Dutchess was a much better partner because she always pushed for them to get along.


Accusations made by Dutchess came up in Ceaser’s recent interview.
Ceaser talked about his daughter as well as Dutchess during an interview with the No NDA’s Allowed Podcast.

He addressed the abuse accusations made by Dutchess, “Bro I ain’t never put my hands on no **** woman. I’ve been strong my whole **** life. I put my hands on a woman, it’s going to show, bruh. So at the end of the day…nah, it was I just didn’t appreciate after you left me, the way you tried to destroy me after. You didn’t even wait a week. You left me on a Friday. Monday, you’re doing the Breakfast Club talking bout Ceaser did this and this and he ain’t pay for my rent. But I bought you two rings. I’m still waiting for my other ring. But we ain’t gonna talk about that.”

And when it comes to his past TV actions, he doesn’t think it’s fair for people to judge him by those moments.

“Some of that **** don’t work in my favor because they see me on TV…sometimes I’m violent. That’s what was required for the ratings, bro. They say yo y’all gotta get in a fight, we gotta fight.”


Ceaser also blamed his ex Crystal for his fallout with Cheyenne, “People don’t understand that sometimes a child can be manipulated. It might not be a month of manipulation, it could be years of manipulation to the point that your own child would start hating you. People don’t understand how toxic having a baby mother who constantly, constantly tries to ruin your life because they want to be in your life.”

Plus, he addressed his current status with his daughter, “The status of it is really she’s at college, bro. She’s doing her thing, she’s becoming a woman and we talk. But when we’re ready to have that big talk, I feel like she’ll be more mature and be able to have that talk. But I don’t want to disturb her too much while she’s in college and she’s trying to get her head in. That is how much I care.”

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