It’s Possible Malaysia Pargo Could Return to ‘Basketball Wives’

Malaysia Pargo exited BBWLA to prioritize her mental health.
“Basketball Wives” star Malaysia Pargo left the show in the middle of the most recent season (Season 10). At the time, she had fallen back out with Brandi Maxiell. She was also not on good terms with Jennifer Williams, Brittish Williams, or Brooke Bailey. However, her issues with Jennifer resulted in some messy accusations being made. Jennifer alleged that Malaysia lost her Atlanta home to foreclosure. Malaysia had been vocal about her co-parenting frustrations. She accused Jannero Pargo of not really helping her financially with their children. So she was thinking about taking things to court for some type of resolution involving child support.

Jackie Christie and DJ Duffey were the two cast members Malaysia felt the most comfortable around. So she told them that her mental health was of utmost importance. She didn’t care to be around the other cast members in any capacity. So it was time for her to make her exit from the show.

During an interview with Carlos King, Jackie said that she tried to talk Malaysia out of leaving the show. However, Malaysia stuck to her guns. And she told Jackie that she had to walk away for the sake of her mental health.


Regardless, the other women were very opinionated about Malaysia leaving. Brandi, Brooke, and Jennifer accused Malaysia of quitting because she couldn’t take being in the hot seat.

Malaysia Pargo’s return to “Basketball Wives” is still a possibility.
There has been a lot of news recently about the cast for the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives.” Evelyn Lozada is back. Jennifer, Brooke, and Jackie are as well. Plus, there have been additions, including Brittany Renner. And she’s reportedly been having tension with Jackie and one of Jackie’s friends already since filming began.

Brandi, Brittish, Duffey, and Angel Brinks are all out.

With the departures of some of the other LA cast members, some have wondered if it’s possible that Malaysia could return to the show.


Blogger Spilling BBW Tea recently answered some questions from followers via Instagram. To no surprise, fans did bring up Malaysia and the likelihood of her coming back next season or the one after. And it hasn’t been ruled out.

One Instagram user asked, “Is it a possibility that Malaysia will come back for season 12 if they have one?”

Spilling BBW Tea answered, “It’s always a possibility!”

Another follower wrote, “Is Malaysia coming back this season?”

And the blogger replied, “I’m getting a lot of these questions lol she has not filmed!!! But there’s always an opportunity for an appearance.”


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