Amara La Negra Throws a Drink at Safaree Samuels [See Video]

Safaree Samuels’ breakup with Erica Mena resulted in a lot of criticism from fans.
Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels‘ divorce was a messy one. To no surprise, the tension has carried over into their co-parenting relationship. Erica has been critical of Safaree’s fathering. In fact, she has accused him of not being involved enough. She alleged Safaree has been messing around with many different women since their split. Erica also said Safaree would spend more money on random women than his own children. So Erica doesn’t think Safaree is a good father. She’s been very vocal about this on social media, too. This resulted in her calling out Safaree’s budding romance with Amara La Negra.

What upset Erica the most was seeing Safaree gift Amara’s twins Rolex watches. Erica was critical of Safaree and Amara. When it comes to Amara, Erica thinks it’s desperate for a woman to date a man after he publicly mistreated his ex. And she also accused Amara and Safaree of linking up because they were both desperate to have storylines on “Love And Hip Hop Miami.” So she told her social media followers that she wanted to be a much better example to her children. In response, Amara said she felt like the backlash she’s been receiving was too harsh. She also thought people were moving too fast to be negative.

Amara La Negra and Safaree Samuels clashed in a recent LHHMIA trailer.
Well, it seems as if Safaree and Amara may have hit a snag in their romance.


During a trailer for the upcoming season of “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” Amara and Safaree have a heated discussion about the criticism their pairing has been receiving. Apparently, things got so messy that Amara believes she risked a lot to even give Safaree a chance.

In the video, she tells Safaree, “I sacrificed bookings for you.”

Amara’s words did not sit well with Safaree at all. In fact, he told her she was actually receiving more attention because of him.

“Stop acting like you being next to me don’t bring you a whole bunch of ******* attention!”


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