Bambi Defends Erica Mena & Sierra Gates As LHHATL Fans Drag Them for Treatment of Scrappy

Bambi and Scrappy’s split is playing out on the current season of LHHATL.
“Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Bambi and Scrappy are in the middle of a very messy divorce. Bambi alleged she pulled the plug because Scrappy was allegedly cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend Diamond. They reconnected when they were both a part of the lineup for the Millennium Tour. According to Bambi, she discovered a text message from Scrappy inviting Diamond to hang out with him in his hotel room. Although Scrappy denied sleeping with Diamond, Momma Dee told multiple people that Diamond could have been pregnant. Scrappy said Momma Dee completely made this up and he has not been intimate with Diamond since their reunion.

Well, Erica Mena and Sierra Gates decided to confront Scrappy about the rumors. He told both that there was no truth to what they heard and that Diamond was not pregnant. They then confronted him about paying child support. During a previous conversation with Bambi, she told Sierra and Erica that Scrappy was allegedly not wanting to pay any child support.

Scrappy was furious about being confronted about child support, so he went off on Erica and Sierra about this while the cameras were rolling. Interestingly enough, some LHHATL fans are siding with Scrappy. And they think Sierra and Erica need to stay out of Bambi and Scrappy’s affairs.


It’s about loyalty for Bambi.
Bambi addressed the backlash that she and her friends have been receiving on social media during an Instagram Live session.

She said, “I should pin this comment, don’t lose your next man letting homegirls be in your business.” Bambi continued, “If you could comprehend what I’m saying, I had already filed for divorce because of some **** he did. But this is what women do though…y’all want to make it my fault so bad.”

Bambi once again accused Scrappy of cheating, “Somebody cheated, somebody filed for divorce. And that’s just that. Guess what? It just so happen the cameras were around to capture it. It’s okay. It is what it is.”

She wants people to stop dragging her friends for being loyal, “But naw, I just wanted to tell y’all to go easy on my friends. They were emotional too during that time. They were so ******* emotional. It was upsetting for them to see me in such a fragile state. They was like, oh no **** that. They wanted to go beat his ***.”


Bambi added, “But I wish things would have happened differently. I wish we could have had more civil conversations instead of everybody just being defensive or everybody just trying to ******* fight each other. It did kind of spiral too much. But at the end of the day, like I said if you look at your friend and see your friend going through some **** and really upset about it, it’s probably going to make you emotional, too. And if it doesn’t, you’re probably not a real friend.”

Check out the Instagram Live video below.

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