Scrappy Causes a Stir on Social Media When He Seemingly Flirts with Erica Dixon

Scrappy has been reuniting with old flames amid his divorce from Bambi.
“Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Scrappy has been a mainstay in the headlines as of late due to his impending divorce. His marriage to Bambi fell apart. It was assumed that the final straw might have been interference from Momma Dee. However, Bambi set the record straight. And she alleged that Scrappy cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend Diamond. As we reported, Diamond is a member of the Crime Mob rap group. Years ago, Momma Dee and Scrappy accused her of dumping him for Soulja Boy. While Scrappy has denied sleeping with Diamond since reconnecting via the Millennium Tour, Bambi saw text messages of him inviting Diamond to his hotel room.

Some fans have accused Scrappy of using Diamond to get under Bambi’s skin. However, Scrappy said this isn’t the case. And he was only going to Diamond to get the things Bambi didn’t give him. He went on to say that Bambi’s job as a wife was to make him feel like “that guy.” But she wasn’t doing that. However, Diamond does.

Interestingly enough, similar accusations are now being made about Scrappy’s other well-known ex, Erica Dixon. Scrappy and Erica clashed years before Bambi was in the picture. Like Diamond and Bambi, Momma Dee has been critical of Erica on social media. She nearly came to blows with Erica’s mother on the show as well. And at one point, Erica even said Momma Dee’s actions resulted in her nearly having a miscarriage years ago. To top it off, co-parenting with Scrappy was challenging for Erica as well. They had a lot of heated moments over child support, too.


Scrappy’s now-deleted Instagram post caused a lot of conversations.
Regardless, Scrappy and Erica are getting along amid the divorce. Hours ago, Scrappy caused a stir because Erica and their daughter Emani attended the cover party for Popout Magazine. Scrappy recently landed the magazine’s cover.

In the Instagram post, Erica was dropping it low on the red carpet in front of Scrappy as Emani playfully rolled her eyes.

It was Scrappy’s caption that really got people talking though.

He wrote, “Umm umm umm @msericadixon better gone wit all that lol looking like a whole dinna, and look @official emanii ain’t havin it all lol.”


Some of Scrappy’s supporters were happy to see Scrappy reunited with Erica. They feel she’s the “one who got away.” As for others, they accused Scrappy of being messy. And just using Erica to upset Bambi.

He has since deleted the post. However, check out some footage from the event in the video below.

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