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Sister Wives Viewers Slam Robyn for Not Inviting Meri Inside Her House, The Real Reason Will SHOCK You!

Sister Wives viewers are questioning Robyn Brown’s motives following an intense outdoor conversation with Meri Brown.

Season 18, Episode 1 of Sister Wives continued to showcase the drama among the Brown family following Christine Brown’s split from Kody Brown.

While Kody was still sorting out his emotions after Christine left him, Robyn and Meri decided to meet up to talk about the status of their broken family as they move forward.


Meri drove over to Robyn and Kody’s Flagstaff home to engage in a long discussion with Robyn, but when she arrived, despite the cold temperatures, Robyn didn’t invite her inside.

Robyn answered the door, wearing a warm winter coat, while Meri stood shivering on the doorstep with a blanket in her hands.

When Robyn noticed that Meri looked uncomfortably cold, rather than inviting her inside, she offered to get her another blanket. But instead, she opted to bring Meri one of Kody’s leather jackets to wear while they sat outside on Robyn’s wooden bench to chat.

Robyn Brown is under fire for not inviting Meri into her home despite cold outdoor temperatures
Robyn not inviting Meri into her home amid the cold didn’t sit well with Sister Wives viewers, who headed to Twitter after the episode to put Robyn on blast.

“So Meri still isn’t allowed in Robyn and Kody’s house?” tweeted one of Robyn’s critics. “They are strange people.”

Another noted that Meri was “freezing cold” and questioned why she and Robyn had to sit outdoors during their conversation.


“What is happening here??” they asked.

Another Sister Wives viewer questioned why Meri wasn’t allowed inside Robyn’s home, pointing out that Meri would have rather sat inside instead of outside in the “freezing” cold.

On Reddit, some Sister Wives viewers discussed the possible reasons that Robyn opted not to invite Meri inside, away from the cold.

Sister Wives viewers discuss possible reasons why Robyn didn’t allow Meri inside her home
In a post titled “Robyn’s porch,” a Sister Wives viewer questioned why Robyn never invites anyone into her home despite the cold outdoor temperatures.

In the comments section, other Redditors shared their theories.

One Sister Wives viewer theorized that Robyn’s home must be a “disaster inside,” and therefore, she doesn’t want viewers to see the mess.

Another pointed out that Robyn had cardboard boxes stacked inside her hallway along with “literal rubbish at her feet,” perhaps a reason for not allowing Meri or TLC’s cameras inside her home.

sister wives viewers take to reddit to discuss why robyn wouldn't let meri inside her home
Sister Wives viewers shared possible reasons for why Robyn didn’t let Meri into her home. Pic credit: u/Appropriate_Push7498/Reddit
“I’ve always thought it was because her home is a pigsty,” surmised another Redditor.

One Sister Wives fan brought up the fact that Robyn’s daughter Aurora was the only one in her household who hadn’t contracted COVID-19, so perhaps she was trying to avoid contamination.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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