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Emma Johnston’s Controversial Relationship with Joose Leaves 7 Little Johnstons in Turmoil

The 7 Little Johnstons star cast is returning to entertain the TLC family. Hence, the streaming platform is teasing the audience by dropping the teasers.

And by the looks of it, it seems the cast members have much fun and drama this season.

More so, there’s a new foreign exchange student in this season, and fans are speculating that he could be Emma’s boyfriend. So, is it true?


7 Little Johnstons: Who Is Emma Dating?
The TLC viewers have been patiently waiting for the new season of 7 Little Johnstons. And their prayers have been answered. Tuesday, March 15, is the release date of the reality TV series. However, this season, it will be mostly about Liz’s moving in with her boyfriend, Brice, Anna’s dating life, and Alex’s academic struggles.

However, one more person is making the headlines before the show’s release. Fans have been equipped to their screens, waiting for Emma’s dating life revelations. More so, some believe that she’s dating the new foreign exchange student. That’s because the two are spending an impeccable time together. In addition, the two kids have been making several Tik-Tok together.

Therefore, the 7 Little Johnstons speculate that Emma is dating Joose. Hence, the rumors. However, TV Seasons & Spoilers reports that none of the rumors are true. Emma Johnstons is not dating anyone as of now. Furthermore, she has made it clear that she wants to focus on her studies, filming and online jewelry store for now.


7 Little Johnstons: Emma Reveals Dating Life Details!
Emma Johnston’s dating rumors are not new. More so, sometimes, even she likes to take part in it.

Long-time viewers must remember how Emma made everyone curious by posting a photo on her Instagram.

In September 2021, Emma went out with Trent, Amber, and the other kids to a Corn Maze. Hence, the picture she posted had a masked guywith sunglasses and a cap.


The 7 Little Johnston celeb asked the fans to guess the masked boy. Hence, fans thought that maybe the mysterious boy was Emma’s boyfriend.

She further added, “You’ll never be going to guess who’s under the covering.” Soon, the internet sleuths assumed the masked guy was Liz’s boyfriend, Brice.

Stay tuned to check out the latest updates on 7 Little Johnstons.

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