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Sister Wives: Janelle Makes Spiteful Reveal About Christine?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown offered up some information concerning Christine Brown, who is her best friend both on and off the TLC series. What Janelle said, some fans saw this as rather hurtful. She held this information in confidence for a long time. But she spills it on this week’s show.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shares Private Info About Christine Brown
Christine Brown and Janelle Brown seemed to get closer once they both left Kody Brown. So that’s a good thing. But right now in Season 18, Janelle sits conflicted because she still loves her husband. And he’s not hearing her. Instead, he focuses on another wife.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown


She tells him she won’t let him do what he’s been doing to her anymore. On this Sunday’s episode, Sister Wives viewers get to see how tough it’s become for Janelle Brown.

It’s hard to tell just where Janelle is coming from in the upcoming episode. As she talks to her shared husband about their relationship, he keeps swaying back to Christine Brown. This has to hurt a bit.

Janelle Shocked Over What Kody Brown Says About Christine
As Janelle tries to make her feelings known to her husband, he ignores her and then starts talking about the way Christine left him. Again, this is not why Janelle wanted to get together with the Sister Wives patriarch.

She wanted to talk about the two of them and their marriage. As surprised as this guy might act over Christine leaving, Janelle said she knew for years that Kody lost any attraction for her.


Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

So how did this one co-wife know this about the other? Kody told this to Janelle Brown. That seems like a huge betrayal to Christine on Kody’s part, suggests some angry fans. He brags about being so careful not to let the intimate details of one relationship be known by another wife.

Now it sounds like Kody and Janelle discussed how Christine didn’t appeal to him anymore. That could be hurtful to hear for Christine. But that wasn’t the end of it. What her co-wife said about her next might hurt as well.

Sister Wives: Not Interested In the Topic at Hand?
So, Janelle Brown didn’t make much headway with Kody. He seemed to use the platform of lunch with her to suggest he was the victim when Christine up and left. Of course, the Sister Wives cameras were honed in on him at the time. So, maybe with his second wife now telling him she wanted a separation, he had the need to get on the defensive.

But this conversation had to be humiliating for Janelle. Here she tries to find a way to save her marriage and all he can do is bring up Christine. Then, when Janelle was doing her confessional for this upcoming Sister Wives episode, she hit on something else.


She can’t get over Kody coming off as unaware of Christine’s problem with him. He told Janelle about his intimate disinterest in Christine numerous times over several years, so she wonders how could he not know about her discontentment.

Is Janelle a Little Spiteful?
Then Janelle Brown suggested that all Kody would need to do is tell her just once that he lacked attraction for her. Right then and there she’d get rid of him. So, what is she saying about her buddy Christine Brown?

It’s understandable she could become upset as Kody pushed Christine Brown in her face during the entire time she tried to talk about their own marriage. But talking about Christine’s private life doesn’t seem right to some fans.

Plus she seemingly put her Sister Wives co-wife down for hanging around all this time by saying she wouldn’t have done that. This left some fans with a bad taste in their mouths. A few suggested that this came off as a little spiteful on Janelle’s part.

Most fans don’t see Janelle Brown with a spiteful bone in her body. But she was fighting for her marriage and Kody would not stop throwing Christine Brown in the mix. Well, the good news is, this was filmed almost two years ago and a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then.

These two ladies are both free and clear of their shared husband. They are such good friends that Christine Brown had Janelle Brown included in a verbal prenup before she agreed to marry the man of her dreams, which she will in a few more weeks. And fans hope the TLC series will feature that wedding.

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