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Sister Wives: Robyn Humiliates Meri Even More in Real Time!

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown did a good job at hurting Meri Brown‘s feelings so far this season on the TLC show. But now it looks like these humiliating blurbs are still going on in real time. But today, Robyn has the help of a spokesperson. A new report today suggests that the last wife standing puts the first wife at the foundation of the family’s problems.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Brings In Some Help
Robyn Brown’s friend, Kendra Pollack, who has been on the show, speaks up today about Meri Brown’s part in all of this. She also offered up a reason to give this recent interview about her friend’s life.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown | TLC


Kendra tells The Sun that Robyn Brown doesn’t deserve to be called a home wrecker. Fans often refer to her this way. She goes on to describe how she first came to this family. She specifically makes a point that Kody Brown was not interested in marrying this divorced mother of three.

It was the first wife, she said, who introduced Robyn to her future husband. Kendra declares that Meri Brown set this all up. Kody didn’t want to marry her because she was divorced with three kids. But the original Sister Wives matriarch pushed for this to happen, suggests this close friend.

Meri Brown Did This?
So, as the Sister Wives viewers watch Robyn Brown in action this season, they toss some negative comments her way. This is what Kendra is trying to stop.

She said she wants people to stop putting the blame on Robyn. But the fourth wife did a few things already this season that are seen by the Sister Wives viewers as trying to humiliate Meri.


Sister Wives; Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Both the Sister Wives patriarch and Robyn seemed to make the Christmas holiday uncomfortable for Meri Brown. The shared husband talked about how he and his youngest wife tried not to show their romantic tension around the first wife.

Talk about making someone feel like a third wheel, which is what Meri said later. She actually said that she felt like a third wheel when she went to their house.

Sister Wives: Meri Called Out Robyn
On last week’s episode, Meri called Robyn Brown out over something she said. Ysabel Brown is one of Christine Brown‘s daughters who maintained a close relationship with Meri. Or so she thought.

Ysabel and two of her sisters came to Robyn Brown’s house sometime around Christmas to see their father. Robyn tells this to Meri who is hurt over not seeing Ysabel, she never called her to say she’d be in town.


But what makes this worse is that she tells her this while the Sister Wives cameras are rolling. So, this ends up looking like a bit of an embarrassment for Meri. Plus, Robyn could have called her, they both lived in Flagstaff at the time.

When Robyn saw that she upset her co-wife, she made the excuse that she had no say over what went on. This was out of her hands… Really? Fans thought she could have done something for her friend, like a call to come over.

So, the woman whom Meri used to call her BFF didn’t even invite Meri over to see the kids who visited. Then, when it came time for the confessional, Meri wondered why Robyn Brown would even tell her that in the first place.

Meri Had More Reasons to Relocate?
Sister Wives fans suggest that maybe Meri decided to move to her B&B for a few reasons. One of them might be the humiliation she suffers when she’s around Kody and Robyn Brown.

Meri said that when she visits her co-wife’s home these two consider it “Robyn and Kody’s” house. But when her shared husband comes to her house it’s just “Meri Brown’s house.

While Meri never said her move to Utah was the beginning of the end of her marriage to Kody, it ended up that way as fans know in real-time today. The Season 18 episodes of this TLC series show what transpired to bring her to the finalization of her marriage with her once-shared husband.

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