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7 Little Johnstons Liz Johnston Shines and Shows Baby Bump

Liz Johnston beams in a recent photo shoot as she proudly displays her growing baby bump. The expectant mother’s bump has popped, and she will soon welcome her child into the world. Discover what the Johnston family is doing as they prepare for this huge shift in their lives by scrolling down to see the lovely pictures.

Very soon, Liz and Brice Bolden will become parents. Last month, the couple informed their followers of the huge news on social media. Fans are just now getting to see all of the pictures of Liz’s baby bump because they chose to keep her pregnancy a secret for several months. She revealed her pregnancy in a photo last week, as we previously reported. Now, her mom Amber Johnston has even more to share.

The 7 Little Johnstons star beams while showing off her growing baby bump.


7 Little Johnstons' Liz, Brice Celebrate Pregnancy at Baby Shower

As we previously mentioned, the Johnstons traveled to Florida to visit with their Little People friends and family. They exchanged multiple photos with fans while there. Trent Johnston wrote in the post’s caption that he was looking forward to soon becoming a grandfather. He mentioned that he’ll have a grandchild by the time they take this family vacation again.

Amber Johnston joined the Facebook party as well to share some pictures with followers. Liz looked radiant and proud of her growing baby bump in these photos. Here is a sweet picture of Amber, Liz, Emma, and Anna all together. Liz displayed her baby bump in a black babydoll-style top. Also, she threw on a pair of shorts and pulled her long blonde locks into a ponytail.


A photo of Liz and Brice taken at the airport was also uploaded by Amber. Liz appears to be sporting the same brown top and black shorts in the snap. She was beaming and her baby bump was once more visible.

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Liz Johnston is due when?
Liz only revealed to her fans last month that she was expecting a child, and that he or she would be born in November 2023. She hasn’t yet made the exact due date known to the public. However, she’s pretty far along, so fans can expect the new baby to arrive soon! Hopefully the new Johnston family member will arrive without incident.

So, what do you think of the new photos of Liz Johnston’s baby bump? Can you believe that her baby will be here in about a month? Sound off in the comments section below.


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