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Little Couple Fans Blast Jen Arnold’s New Video After After Spotting Nauseating Detail

LITTLE Couple fans have slammed Dr. Jen after she shared a video featuring an unsettling detail that upset viewers. The former TLC star recorded her daughter enjoying a Bollywood dance class but her recording skills left much to be desired. In the video on Instagram, Zoey, 12, was shown dancing in a pink and white dress alongside several of her peers. She bounced around happily and moved her arms and legs to the music.


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While fans were thrilled to get a glimpse at the pre-teen enjoying an extracurricular activity, Jen’s filming left viewers feeling “sick.”

The clip zoomed in and out several times, creating too much motion for some viewers.


One commenter wrote: “Yea I really wanted to watch Zoey but can’t with the zooming in and out.”

Stop zooming in and out, making me sick,” a second wrote.

A third commenter reacted: “That zooming in and out makes it hard to concentrate on Zoey. She is such a sweetheart would have really enjoyed to see her dance without all the zooming in and out.

“Love you all but please no zooming makes me nauseous.”

Little Couple star Dr Jen Arnold has been critiqued for her videography skills


“Why the zooming?? Just makes it difficult to watch the video!” another person wrote.

“The back and forth is very hard on the eyes,” a fourth commenter complained.

Little Couple fans have been missing Dr. Jen and her family – including her husband Bill Klein and kids Zoey and William, 13 after TLC canceled their reality show.

On Friday, Jen shared a photo of her daughter that left fans stunned at how grown up she’s gotten.

She shared a series of snaps of her only daughter and her from a bonding day in Boston, Massachusetts.

The family moved to the thriving metropolis from Florida in 2022.

In the first photo in the bunch, Zoey was seen sitting outside a library with books in her arms.

There was an impressive water fountain behind her.


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A post shared by Jennifer Arnold (@jenarnoldmd)

Jen also shared a photo of her daughter enjoying afternoon tea, happily digging into a plate of delicate sandwiches and sweet treats.

She finished off the post with a few snaps of Zoey inside the library, focused in on the book she was looking at.

The caption read: “Rainy day but we made the most of it…library & teatime #Zoey #momlife #littlecouple #hightea @bclawlibrary #momsofinstagram #kidsofinstgram.”

One fan in the comments encouraged the young star: “Keep reading Zoe!!!! So smart so beautiful inside and out!!”

Another wrote: “Zoey just growing up,” along with a heart eyes emoji.

“You have an absolutely beautiful daughter,” a third social media user commented.

Someone else chimed in: “She is so grown up. Beautiful young lady!! Miss your show on TV.”

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