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‘Sister Wives’ Mykelti Accused of Protecting Kody and Robyn Brown With ‘Abusive Lies’ on Patreon After Charging $10

‘Sister Wives’ star Mykelti Brown has been accused of using her Patreon as a hate machine to perpetuate lies and half-truths in favor of her father Kody Brown, and mother Robyn Brown.

In exchange for $10 in subscription charges for a month, adding up to almost $120 a year, the 27-year-old TLC star is reportedly “discounting all the abuse her dad & Robyn have inflicted” and “talking crap about her siblings” on her Patreon.

Mykelti has three Patreon subscription options. The first is called Newcomer, for $3.99 a month, which provides subscribers with behind-the-scenes content and livestreams.


The Supporter plan for $7.99 a month includes live question-answer sessions, digital downloads and exclusive content on top of that, whereas the Committed plan for $9.99 a month also adds fan requests to the mix.

An Instagram post by @withoutacrystalball stated, “I mean I’m surprised she let me be a patron for the 10 months that I paid for her content.” The user, Katie Joy, was referring to the fact that she often calls out the show on her account.


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A post shared by Katie Joy (@withoutacrystalball)

The caption added, “$120 for 10 months of watching Mykelti lie and discount all the abuse her dad & Robyn have inflicted on so many people. $120 to watch Mykelti talk crap about her siblings, blame them for having a bad relationship with their dad & Robyn, and accuse her siblings of being difficult.

Katie also noted that she paid, “$120 to watch Mykelti throw her siblings under the bus, like she did to Gwendlyn knowing full well that the video would get out. $120 to watch Mykelti call Robyn’s ex-husband an abuser and parrot every LIE Robyn has maliciously spread about her ex-husband.

The caption further said, “Mykelti knew I was in this patron the entire time. My email was not hidden. She only blocked me after her siblings exposed her for doing Robyn’s dirty work.”


She concluded, “I report on this despicable behavior & call her out. Blocked. Thank goodness I can have my $10 a month back and know it won’t go to push abusive lies to protect her dad and Robyn.”

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