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Liz Johnston Kept a Gender-Neutral Baby Nursery: Why?

Even the nursery for the 7 Litte Johnstons’ new addition appears plain, suggesting that Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston and her baby daddy, Brice Bolden, are determined to keep their child gender-neutral. The baby is expected to arrive very soon, and TLC fans already believe they know the gender of the child.

Fans of Liz Johnston Believe It’s a Girl Baby

7 Litte Johnstons fans are eager for the baby to arrive in the hopes that it will be featured in a new season of the TLC network. The due date is quickly approaching, and the pregnancy was kept a secret. The baby is actually scheduled to arrive in November. Brice and his girl set up the nursery for the new baby as the countdown starts. They kept the decor fairly natural in color, as seen in pictures posted by Elizabeth’s mother Amber on social media.



Liz Johnston and Brice didn’t go overboard with eye-catching, attractive decorations, as the pictures demonstrated. Brice loves the outdoors, so maybe that’s why they stuck with the wood, green, and white colors. Alternatively, since the gender is unknown, they could leave it neutral. Fans, though, have already hinted that they anticipate a girl.

Why Does Liz Johnston Maintain a Gender-Neutral Nursery for Her Baby?
The baby mama entered the name “Leighton” when the baby registration went up, and some of the items were pink. It appears that she might not share photos in the neutral-looking room to hide her baby’s gender. Some Redditors simply speculate that they might enjoy a natural setting, but Elizabeth’s paintings seem bright and colorful.


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Liz Johnston and her “family will all get together with a pile of canvases and paint things about flushing toilets in them for the baby,” according to a hilarious community member. That seems like a clear stab at the 2020 episode of 7 Little Johnstons in which Trent Johnston made everyone promise they wouldn’t do a number two in the RV.

Do TLC viewers believe the child will grow up to be gender neutral?
If Liz Johnston is expecting a daughter, she may already be married to Brice. Brice enjoys fishing and hunting a lot. Although it’s commonly assumed that’s a boy thing, but Elizabeth does lots of outdoorsy things with Brice. It would be possible for their “little girl” to do anything her father does.

What are your thoughts about why Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden seem to keep the baby’s nursery gender-neutral? Do you think that they might decorate it a bit more after the baby’s arrival is shown on TLC?

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