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Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown Disproves Mykelti’s “Tragic & Sad” Wedding Story With The Truth

Sister Wives star Christine Brown married David Woolley, and though she didn’t attend, her daughter Gwendlyn Brown clears up rumors about the event.

  • Gwendlyn Brown missed her mother Christine Brown’s wedding due to school and personal obligations, clearing up any speculation of conflict within the family.
  • Mykelti Padron, Gwendlyn’s sister, had insinuated that there was tension surrounding the absence, but Gwendlyn clarified that her mother understood and removed her from the guest list.
  • Despite Gwendlyn’s absence, there is no bad blood between her and her mother, as Christine has been shown to spoil Gwendlyn with treats and maintain a positive relationship.

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown may have missed out on her mother Christine Brown’s wedding to David Woolley, but she says there’s no bad blood between herself and her family after her sister Mykelti Padron insinuated otherwise. Christine, who left Kody Brown in 2021, has been quick to set out to look for the love of her life. When she found David, she knew quickly that he was the right person for her. Sister Wives season 18 has been slowly building to the introduction of David, as Christine has been expressing interest in dating again on the series while dealing with the fallout of her divorce from Kody.

In a recent Q&A on her Patreon, Sister Wives season 18’s Gwendlyn cleared the air about why she missed her mom and David’s big day. According to InTouch, Gwendlyn’s reasoning was simple. “I was busy lol. Lots going on with school and my house,” Gwendlyn explained, sharing that she’s been dealing with a lot of extra work in her chemistry class this semester. “[She] didn’t mind,” Gwendlyn shared, referring to her mother. “She took me off the guest list [as] soon as I told her.” The outspoken Sister Wives star was open about her absence after Mykelti had framed it dramatically.


Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn & Christine Brown Have No Bad Blood

Mykelti had shared in a Patreon Q&A of her own that “Gwendlyn didn’t tell me why she wasn’t there…but it is sad.” She and her husband, Tony Padron, revealed that they felt Christine was “definitely sad about” Gwendlyn’s absence from the event. While Mykelti shared one version of events, Gwendlyn cleared the air over the event entirely. Days later, Gwendlyn even shared that her mother was spoiling her with treats, according to ET. She shared that Christine had sent her some pizza cookies from a local restaurant, making it clear there’s no bad blood between the mother and daughter.

Though Gwendlyn wasn’t in attendance, she wasn’t the only member of the Sister Wives cast who missed out. While Janelle Brown was invited and seemed to be part of the wedding ceremony, Christine’s ex-husband Kody was noticeably not in attendance, nor were her ex-sister wives Robyn Brown and Meri Brown. It is understandable that Christine and David wouldn’t feel comfortable inviting her ex-husband or Robyn to the wedding, but it’s interesting that Meri seemingly wasn’t invited considering she’s no longer with Kody or part of the larger Brown family. The large event included all of Christine’s children (aside from Gwendlyn), as well as Janelle and many of her children.

Gwendlyn Brown

While Christine surely would’ve liked having Gwendlyn at her wedding, she was well aware that her daughter wouldn’t be attending the nuptials beforehand. While Mykelti commented on the ceremony during her Patreon Q&A, her information seems to have been off. Christine has long been a vocal advocate for her children, especially Gwendlyn after her very personal public journey sharing her sexuality and relationship online. Gwendlyn married her wife Beatriz Queiroz earlier this year and has been sharing more about her life outside of Sister Wives on her YouTube channel and Patreon, helping to keep the record straight regarding her family.


Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on TLC.

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