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Kody Brown Moved His Family To Vegas For A Shocking Reason

Kody Brown moved the family several times, as Sister Wives on TLC disclosed, and fans frequently ask him why he chose to live in Las Vegas. While some people held Robyn Brown accountable for it, they only realized what the true cause was after the fact. Continue reading to learn what that could be.

Once in Las Vegas, Kody Brown expressed his lack of concern.

The patriarch of Sister Wives didn’t appear to give a damn about what his wives and children thought about the family’s relocation. Remember how furious Garrison was over the relocation to Las Vegas? The son of Janelle Brown was as bitterly unhappy as his younger brother Gabe was. It was Gabe’s turn to cry when his father packed them all up and relocated to Flagstaff.


Kody Brown and TLC never really explained to anyone why the family moved from Lehi. But Kody said that polygamists were starting to face danger in Utah. Fans had to try to figure it out for themselves as it was largely left up in the air. Viewers debated in July whether Robyn Brown had desired to relocate. They did observe, though, that Christine traveled there with her husband and the children.


Christine Was Sweetly Talked Into Accepting Las Vegas By Kody Brown

One person speculated on Reddit as to why they believed the family moved to Las Vegas. Someone noted in the comments that the patriarch of Sister Wives might have been buttering Christine and her children when he took them there. She was the most likely of all the wives to be against the move. Thus, it appeared that he and Robyn had already discussed moving.

Looking back at Kody Brown’s initial scouting trip to Las Vegas, the original poster stated, “When they do their first “recon mission” to Vegas to find homes to move there, Robyn actually says that her (step)father has lived there a while and will be helping them look.” The significance of having a relative in Las Vegas was overlooked at the time, like it was for many others.

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Sister Wives Star Robyn Wanted The Move, Like FLagstaff
Kody Brown’s “move to Flagstaff…seemingly didn’t make sense until we realized that Dayton is going to college there,” the post also noted. “I’m going out on a limb here to say that every time they’ve moved, it seems to be somewhere that somehow magically benefits Robyn.” they continued.


Plenty of TLC fans agreed that most likely, it had everything to do with the newest wife in the family.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that while Kody Brown would have moved regardless, the relocation to Las Vegas was all about Robyn? Did you catch that she had a relative in the city? Sound off in the comments below and come back here often for all your Sister Wives news.

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