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Update on Brown Family’s Land 5 Years After Buying $820K Property to Build Dream Homes

SISTER Wives’ Brown family’s land has remained untouched five years after purchasing the property, The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal. Kody, 54, purchased four parcels of land called Coyote Pass in Flagstaff, Arizona, for $820,000 in 2018. Photos taken in April of this year showed the Sister Wives have not started construction on the massive property.

Photos taken in April of this year show the property remained the same these past six months

Six months later, new photos obtained by The U.S. Sun show that construction STILL has not started. The only thing that is on the bleak land is loads of uncut grass and the same wooden fence, which indicates the property line.


New photos of Coyote Pass taken in October show construction has not begun

This may come as no surprise to fans of the reality show, given the current family drama. Only two of Kody’s four wives remain in Flagstaff: Janelle, 54, and Robyn, 45. Janelle, however, is no longer spiritually married to Kody and she has informed fans that the only reason she’s still in town is because her children live nearby and she doesn’t want to leave her hometown. Robyn, for her part, remains the last-standing wife after Meri, 52, and Christine, 51, also announced their splits from the patriarch and moved to Utah. She lives with Kody in their $890K Flagstaff home. The house itself is located on the land next to Coyote Pass.


There might not be any construction work on Coyote Pass in the immediate future. A source previously told The U.S. Sun: “Kody and Robyn have no plans for building on Coyote Pass – at least not at this point.”


The only thing seen on the property is uncut grass and a wooden fence

The source insisted: “There have been no talks whatsoever.

“It’s very expensive and they have to come to an agreement on what their plans actually are.”

During this season of Sister Wives, Janelle settling into a small apartment that she now lives in.

She shared her goals with pal Christine for her dream home.


The mom of six said that she plans on breaking ground in the spring of 2022 and said it’ll take six to nine months to build.

“I thought we would be so much further along in the building process, but that’s just taken a long time,” Janelle revealed.

She then rolled out a large piece of paper showing her house plans.

The 1,200 square-foot home is where she would have her daughter Savanah, 18, live when she goes to school, Janelle noted.

The Plexus ambassador also confessed that the biggest problem when it came to Coyote Pass plans is she felt like no one was prioritizing her.

The Sister Wives have yet to break ground despite paying off the land

The father of 18 purchased multiple parcels of land in June 2018, according to real estate records.

The four parcels of land cost: $300K, $180K, $170K, and $170K- totaling $820K.

Last summer, The U.S. Sun exclusively reported Christine sold her Coyote Pass property to Kody and his legal wife Robyn for $10 in July 2022.

The sale occurred nearly one year after their split in November 2021.

She has since purchased a $770K home with her now-husband David Woolley.

In October 2022, exclusive photos obtained by The U.S. Sun of Coyote Pass showed the family had yet begun to break ground.

At the time, there were also no building permits that have been requested for the land, according to Arizona public records- this still holds true until this day.

Kody explained in a past Sister Wives episode that they have to pay off the Coyote Pass property before they can begin to build.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed in June that Kody and Janelle had paid off the plot of land in their name and an additional plot in Robyn’s name that was purchased for $170,000 each.

The deed of release and full reconveyance for both parcels obtained by The U.S. Sun confirmed the amount owed to Fidelity National Title Agency was fully paid on June 2, 2023.

One of the parcels purchased on June 25, 2018, was in Janelle and Kody’s names, while the second was in Robyn and Kody’s names.

Kody and his four wives- Robyn, Meri, Christine and Janelle -purchased land called Coyote Pass in 2018 to build dream homes

A source has claimed that Janelle may take Kody back – after announcing their split less than a year ago – due to her financial issues.

The source spilled to The U.S. Sun: “I see her going back to Kody.

“She’s just not going to be able to really do things on her own. She’s never in her life been financially [stable].”

The source continued: “She’s not going to have money, really, until they figure out how to deal with dividing up money from the property. And that’s why I think she’s going to go back to Kody.”

During an episode that aired last month, Janelle told cameras that she’s “stuck” because financially, she has “nothing.”

She reasoned: “Christine had the house, I had nothing. My name is on the [Coyote Pass] property with everybody else, probably nobody will cooperate now and play ball.”

She added: “I can’t believe I’m 50 and I can’t even do my own thing ’cause I’m so tied up with them financially. And I can’t do anything.”

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