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Audrey Roloff Goes on Vacation AGAIN, Incurs the Wrath of Every Internet User

Audrey Roloff is experiencing some First World problems at the moment.

And pretty much no one on the planet wants to hear about them.

The former Little People, Big World star took off for Hawaii over this past weekend, documenting the adventure along her husband, Jeremy, and three kids:


Ember, 6, Bode, 1, and Radley, 1.

It’s a lot, of course, flying with three toddlers.

The star shared glimpses as she headed to Hawaii with her husband and three children

But the family was flying to Hawaii, which most folks would consider a luxury vacation, and Audrey immediately complained about how packing had made her “very tired.”


Audrey also shared Instagram Story photos of herself in a white tracksuit at the airport, along with her children on the plane itself.

Yes, unlike past times, Audrey brought the children this time, as mentioned above.

However, she also took a picture of herself and Jeremy on a sunny balcony, and wrote:

“Welp we made it and mom and dad need a nap. But all the kids honestly did so incredible on the plane. I actually felt like it went by faster than when we’ve done it in the past, which made up for the last 14 hours.

“We did the same flight when Rad was seven months old which was much more challenging…”


Critics took umbrage with her tone, saying it was 'insulting' that she wanted fans to 'feel sorry' for her

Audrey has often made this sort of mistake in the eyes of critics; she’s often garnered backlash for coming across as privileged in her posts.

And she did so again here!

“Feel sorry for Audrey because she is going on her 20th vacation/ retreat this year,” wrote one bitter commenter, while another chimed in as follows:

“My my my….life is SO Hard. She is just ridiculous. At this point is almost insulting.”

A third added:

“I’m basically the same age as her but no children. I’m just imagining this as if I were a parent and it just seems ridiculous and selfish to provide no consistency or routine for your young children.

“Those kids are going to struggle if she doesn’t stop living as if she’s the most important.”

Fans theorized that Audrey homeschools her eldest child, Ember, to ensure 'monthly vacations'

Ouch, huh???

Elsewhere, as teased in the message directly above, Audrey and Jeremy are about to host a podcast again.

Wrote the mother of three in making this announcement:

You never quite know what you’re gonna get with us… but if we had to sum up what we intend to talk a lot about on the show, it would be: home, health, and holiness.

These three things have been big focuses for us the past couple years, so we are excited to dive deeper in with you!

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