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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wants More Kids? Is The Nanny The Fifth Wife?

Kody Brown loves to shower his traditional “Mormon” beliefs. The Sister Wives celeb keeps chattering about polygamy. However, with recent feuds in the family, now he has no relationship except with Robyn. Likewise, he is also confused about where he stands with polygamy. He is at that point if he wants to continue. Meanwhile, Kody’s desire to have more children is resurfacing. Will he bring in a fifth woman just to bear a child? Tune in to find out.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Could Be Wondering To Have More Children
Kody Brown is a traditional polygamist. The Sister Wives celeb follows the Mormon religion and acts accordingly. Likewise, the desire to have children comes from the same. Last season the TLC audience saw Robyn and Kody discussing having more children. As of now, Robyn has five children, two from Kody and three from her ex-husband.

Therefore, papa Brown is adamant about bearing more children. That’s because Mormon followers believe in having at least five children with each wife. Hence, he shares six children with Janelle and Christine, with Meri only one child. And with the fourth wife, only two. So, to act on his beliefs and religion, fans think papa Brown may bring in a fifth wife for the same.


Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Got PREGNANT In The Lockdown?

Apart from this, an insider revealed that Kody Brown is planning for a fifth wife. And Robyn Brown could be at “child-bearing” age, but she isn’t ready to. So, as the patriarch believes in having “functional” families, he may go out of his way to find a child-bearing wife. Likewise, he won’t be attaining paradise if he does not maintain the wife’s number. So, a fifth wife could be in the way with a child.

Sister Wives: Is Nanny The “Fifth Child-Bearing” Wife?
As much as having another wife or children from Kody creeps the fans, he is adamant about doing so. Although a religious sect cannot be questioned, Kody Brown has done nothing special except for his favorites. Hence, bringing on a fifth wife could derail his relationship with the fourth one. So, who could be the next wife? Sister Wives fans think of Robyn’s favorite, “The Nanny.”

Nanny, Robyn, Sister Wives


The Nanny has been an integral part of the family during the lockdown period. Fans already believe that the Nanny could be a “secret” surrogate before. Although that didn’t happen, now, things are different. Papa Brown seems to be reflecting on multiple topics, and having more children is one of them. So, the Nanny could be Kody’s fifth child-bearing wife.

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