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Meri Brown Vacations With Rumored Boyfriend Amid Season 18 Humiliation

Meri Brown has a friend and Sister Wives fans unfamiliar with Blair M. Struble often mistake him for a lover. However, the hunky guy isn’t into the female gender. At the moment, fans see that Kody Brown humiliated her as he gave her the boot, and it finally sunk in that she’s a third wheel with him and Robyn Brown. As that plays out, she’s enjoying a whole lot of fun in real life.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Visited Disneyland
On Friday, TLC fans saw that Blair and his friend visited Disneyland together. Of course, she’s been there before, and before the pandemic, the whole family enjoyed happy times there. Usually, the TLC star does her Friday with Friends livestream with her friend, Jenn Sullivan. However, she’s married and occasionally takes a break. So this time, Blair stepped in and everyone saw that they enjoyed themselves.

Meri Brown and Blair go back a very long way. In 2021, Sister Wives fans saw him helping her out with Christmas decorations at the BNB. If you don’t know, he’s an interior designer. The next year, the two friends hiked and camped in the Southern Utah mountains. And this year, they decided that Disneyland for Halloween sounded like a great idea.


TLC Star Meri Brown Poses With Rumored Boyfriend

Taking to Instagram on the weekend, the Sister Wives star shared a photo of herself posing with a hunky-looking Mickey Mouse. Probably, Bair took the photo. In her caption, the TLC star said, “Halloween at Disneyland is simply my favorite. Having a friend who loves it as much as I do just makes for an easy excuse to go each year!”

Excited about their fun weekend, Meri Brown added, “This weekend didn’t disappoint!” Next, she talked about the many “miles” covered as they trekked around the place. On top of that, they took countless rides, and enjoyed a “carb overload at Cone Queso in Cars Land.” More eateries were mentioned, and she also said that she enjoyed meeting “a ton of fans.” Of course, she also thanked Blair for an “epic” time.


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Sister Wives Fans React

As Meri Brown deals with a lot of public humiliation on national TV, TLC fans seem delighted that she can enjoy herself. Actually, they think that life without Kody must feel like a blessing.

One of them wrote, “Wow! You look happy! You’re glowing, you must be doing something right. ❤️ You deserve to be happy. ❤️ Thank you for sharing these moments with us.”

Another commenter said, “I’m glad you’re having a fun time. I bet Disneyland at Halloween is amazing!! 👻🎃💀.”

Are you happy that the TLC star has close friends like Blair and Jenn? Do you agree that Disneyland is one of the best places to be during the spooky season? Let us know in the comments below.

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