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Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Leaves Meri Stunned With Brutal Comment During Anniversary Dinner

SISTER Wives star Meri Brown has been left heartbroken after an uncomfortable anniversary dinner with Kody. Meri, 52, was the first of 54-year-old Kody’s wives, and some fans would argue that he has treated her the worst over the years.

TLC posted a new preview for the upcoming episode of Sister Wives on X, formerly known as Twitter.

In the clip, Kody and Meri recount what happened during their anniversary dinner while in separate confessionals on the show.


First, Meri had to call her husband and she was the person who initiated the celebration, and she said it was “obligatory more than anything else” on Kody’s part.

Kody revealed that he needed a moment to decide whether or not he wanted to spend time with her for the special occasion.

Eventually, he decided he was willing to go out to dinner with his first wife.


Later in the night, Meri said: “He made some reference to faking relationships or something like that.

“And I was like, ‘What do you mean faking?'”

She then revealed that Kody pointed to her and then back at himself, insinuating that their relationship was fake.

He then said: “Well, this,” and Meri asked for more of an explanation.

Kody continued: “I don’t know why you even bother to call and say, ‘Happy Anniversary,’ Meri.”


Eventually, he almost admitted to being under the belief that they were not married anymore.

Meri said: “That was a big realization for me. All this time, all these years, that’s how he’s felt about it. But, I haven’t known that.”

After fans of the television show saw the clip, many were surprised that Meri was surprised.

One said: “Look, the only person who found it shocking was Meri. The rest of us have been hearing him say it for years.”

“Then you’re the last person alive who didn’t know that,” another raged.

A third reacted: “If any of these people were emotionally functional adults and/or watched any one episode of this show, she would have already known this.”

Someone added: “After he legally divorced her to legally be husband and wife to Robyn she should have known her place at that point. The spiritual wives will always joke themselves.”

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