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Sister Wives: Tony Dishes on In-laws’ Warning – Puts Show at Risk?

Sister Wives star Tony Padron has a set of in-laws more unique than most as they don’t hide their family secrets from the public. Not to mention that his father-in-law has multiple wives. No, these in-laws live life like an open book. Instead of privacy, they seem to prefer to make money airing all the intimate details of their lives on their TLC series.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown might not be cordial to each other these days. But it seems the two still have something in common. It sounds as if they each offered the same warning recently to their daughter Mykelti Brown Padron, and their son-in-law, Tony Padron.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown Padron Displease Her Parents?
A few of the Sister Wives adult kids have become very open about the inner workings of their family. Mykelti Brown Padron is one of those adult kids. She and her husband Tony Padron, belong to Patreon, a paid subscription social media site. Their videos show them answering a lot of the Sister Wives fans’ questions.


Gwendlyn Brown and Paedon Brown also tend to spill a lot more about the Sister Wives’ family online than the rest of the clan. But it appears as if Kody Brown and Christine Brown don’t like it.

Recently a fan asked both Tony and the Sister Wives daughter a question. They wanted to know, “(Do) you and Gwen doing Patreon stress your mom out?” The mom they refer to happens to be Christine Brown. Mykelti and Tony Padron didn’t hesitate before answering that question with a “yes.”

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron - Avalon Padron - Archer Banks Padron - Ace McCord Padron | Instagram

Tony & Mykelti Explain How This Works
Tony & Mykelti explained that Christine isn’t crazy about this couple dishing info about the Sister Wives family. But while she’s not exactly happy about it, she does say it is up to them to decide.


So, while she may frown upon it, she doesn’t hold it against them. This is how her daughter explained it to the fan asking that question. While she’s not keen on it, she won’t hold it against them, according to her daughter.

But that comes with a problem for some fans. Mykelti and her siblings, along with her half-siblings, have been on the Sister Wives screen since they were little. From all accounts, it doesn’t appear as if the kids had a say in this.

Reports on the family’s TLC earnings during those years indicate only five salaries dispersed per season. One for each of the Sister Wives spouses. So, it sounds like the kids were not compensated for their appearances. Or, at least it sounded that way while they were still minors.

Sister Wives: Warned They Put the Show at Risk
Tony’s wife and her other siblings are famous today in the realm of reality entertainment. That’s because of this TLC series. But even more recently, some private moments between this Sister Wives daughter and Tony Padron made their way to the show without anyone consulting them.

When Tony and Mykelti told Christine they were having twins, the overexcited grandmother taped this. Then later this Sister Wives daughter and Tony Padron learned this tape found its way into an episode. That clip is due to air this coming Sunday night.


Apparently, this didn’t sit well with Mykelti and Tony Padron as it was their news. So, it seems they asked to do an interview with TLC, so they could share their side of the story.

Then with Tony Padron’s recent reveal, fans see a double standard going on here. Tony revealed that his wife’s parents told them that their online videos were a “risk to the show.”

So, they got the warning that in Kody and Christine’s eyes, they put the show at risk. After hearing this one fan sized up this situation. They suggested, if it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander.

Tables Turned After All These Years
The Sister Wives parents allowed the kids to be filmed for years. Many of their problems aired for everyone to see. They’d talk openly in this public venue of the series about whatever the child was going through at the time.

Now that they are older and married with families of their own, they are pretty much doing the same thing. But as they describe what their life is like today, their parents happen to be part of that.

So now that Tony revealed how he and Mykelti were told their online activity puts the show at risk, will this slow them down? Many fans don’t think they should stop. Since the TLC show that they supposedly put at risk has revealed all types of things about them in the past.

Take a quick glimpse at Tony Padron dealing with his future in-laws in the video below. Tony delivers a quick and comical comeback to his future father-in-law, which steals the scene from the Sister Wives patriarch.

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