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Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Caught in Awful Ploy

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Robyn Brown seem to have turned against the original three wives, but now it looks as if they turn against each other on the TLC series. Either that or they might have cooked up a ploy to entice the viewers. But something seems different to the viewers recently. Kody isn’t making Robyn look as good as he used to.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Idolizes Robyn Brown… At Least He Once Did
It wasn’t all that long ago when Kody Brown yelled about how Robyn Brown got all the other wives’ table scraps. But that seemed extremely perplexing to fans because that is not how they witnessed it on the screen. Still, he said it as if he believed it to be true.

When Kody Brown said that a few seasons back on Sister Wives, it was as if Robyn knew what he was talking about. So, fans thought she may have been the one to plant that in his head, underneath all those ringlets of his.


But it was things like this coming from Kody Brown that turned the Sister Wives’ viewing audience against him even more. He put Robyn on a pedestal and his original three wives suffered because of it.

Robyn said several times through the seasons that Kody treated her just like the other wives. But recently blew her cover on this with his latest declaration. It’s something that probably shouldn’t come out of the mouth of any polygamous husband.

Kody Contradicts Robyn
Kody holds Robyn up as an example of loyalty to his other Sister Wives brides. He also painted her as a victim because he said that the other wives mistreated her. Still, she maintains that she’s not his favorite wife.

But he contradicted Robyn’s broken record of saying she’s not the favorite wife in a recent episode. He made her look as if she wasn’t telling the truth when he called her the love of his life.


Sister Wives viewers assume that if he says this on national television then he likely said it to her privately. Fans raged over this. For years he sounded as if prided himself on equal treatment of wives. But fans couldn’t see this. Still, in this once-plural marriage, he should have four loves of his life.

Another recent incident has Kody contradicting his fourth wife again when she talked about Meri Brown. Robyn cried and whined about the possibility of Meri Brown moving to Utah. She filled Meri’s head with false hope. She told her that Kody always talks about Meri moving to Coyote Pass when the homes get built.

But then Kody says into the Sister Wives camera that he doesn’t care if Meri moves to Utah and that it means nothing to him. Plus all of Robyn’s drama around the possibility of Meri leaving became blown to bits when Kody told the cameras they hardly see Meri at all anymore. This contradicts his fourth wife again who made it sound like she and Meri were attached at the hip.

Sister Wives: The Last Wife Gets Her Comeuppance?
While Robyn Brown did a good job all on her own of tainting fans against her, it looks like Kody now has a hand in it as well. Some fans suggest that this change in Kody means that he’s ready to get rid of his fourth wife. But it’s more than likely he doesn’t even realize he’s contradicting her.

Many don’t see Kody Brown doing this on purpose. They think while he said these things, the editing puts them on top of each other, so it sounds like this is his reply to what his fourth wife just said. But then incidents, like the one in the tweet below pop up.


They celebrated Truely Brown’s birthday with a cake but very little fanfare. Compare this to the elaborate themed party they recently had for Robyn’s daughter. So to say Robyn Brown and her kids aren’t treated differently doesn’t fly with fans. This is just one incident among many that fans see the favoritism that Robyn Brown denies.

Still, some Sister Wives viewers think the editing may have taken liberties but only to show the truth about Robyn Brown. Robyn declared she didn’t contribute to the three failed marriages. She plays off that she’s a “victim” as well as being totally oblivious to the negative things going on around her.

But now it looks as if Kody Brown and/or creative editing offer up examples of why she’s not a victim but a villain instead.

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