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Zoey Klein Gets Honored With Flowers For Latest Achievement

Zoey Klein, star of Little Couple, is already 12 years old. The little Indian girl grew up to be a confident young lady. Her parents’ encouragement to learn more about her cultural roots was a major factor in that. She has a talent in the arts and was recently given a big bouquet of flowers in recognition of her achievements.

The Little Couple – Zoey Klein Took To Dancing

When they see Zoey, a lot of TLC viewers appear surprised because she’s changed from a terror-stricken girl to a self-assured and composed young woman. Many find it hard to believe she is still the same person because she appears so grown up and gorgeous. Many people regret missing those years when she went from an precocious young child into a charming preteen.


The Little Couple introduce newly adopted daughter to young son | Daily Mail Online

TLC viewers saw Jen Arnold’s adopted daughter attend dance class when The Little Couple was still airing. She concentrated on dancing in the Indian style. Zoey Klein returned to dancing with the Bollywood class this summer, and her mother posted all about it on social media. She recently performed once more, this time in front of a large crowd.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein Is Honored

Jen Arnold posted some pictures of her daughter on Instagram over the weekend after she performed some Bollywood dance moves. She was given a bouquet of flowers, and she looked like such a grown-up. In her caption, Jen wrote, “So proud of Zoey & getting out there last weekend… dancing her heart out #dance #happydiwali🎉 #littlecouple #zoey #bollywood.”



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Many people responded in the comments, demonstrating how much Zoey Klein is loved by TLC viewers. Hardly anyone can believe how much the two children have matured. A fan commented, “They both look so grown up! You are doing a great job!” Although Zoey isn’t as tall as her brother Will, who towers over his mother, fans nonetheless concur that she looks like a young princess.


More Comments And Congratulations

Many more people were making comments about Zoey Klein. “You have such a beautiful family Jen! Congratulations to Zoey! She is an amazing dancer! ❤️❤️ 💃.”

As is usual when Jen Arnold posts people want The Little Couple to return to TLC. One person begged, “Love your family. Please come back to TV.”

Do think it’s wonderful that Zoey Klein still celebrates her cultural roots? Do you think that one day, she might become a professional dancer? Are you hoping that one day, TLC might bring back the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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