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Sister Wives Kody Linked to ‘Bonnie Dwyer’ Rumored ‘Fifth Wife’ as Marriages Crumble

TLC’s Sister Wives is onto its eighteenth season this August and Kody Brown and his wives are back like fans have never seen them before. Kody and Christine Brown’s marriage broke down two years ago. Now, viewers see tensions flare between the patriarch of the family and his other Sister Wives, Meri and Janelle. With eighteen children to consider, the family faces dilemmas. Outside of the TLC show drama, Kody is also linked to a woman named Bonnie Dywer.

Sister Wives ‘Bonnie Dwyer’ rumors
Sister Wives star Kody was linked to a woman named Amber Smith earlier in October. Now, rumors are swirling about another lady – Bonnie Dwyer.

Baseless claims circulate the internet regarding Kody and Bonnie. However, there’s nothing concrete to suggest that she’s even a real person.


Kody speaks and gestures with hand sitting at table filming Sister Wives

Distractify reported last year that the Bonnie Dwyer rumors “won’t die,” despite there being “no proof” of a fifth wife. Claims added: “…recent rumor suggests that Kody spiritually married a woman Bonnie Dwyer after he and Christine parted ways.”

Sister Wives April Fools’ prank
In an attempt to get to the root of the Bonnie Dwyer rumors, Reality Titbit came across a 2021 April Fools’ prank report from The Hollywood Gossip.

It’s unclear whether this is where the ‘fifth wife’ rumors stem from, however, the outlet confirms that their information about a woman named Bonnie Dywer being Kody’s ‘fifth wife’ is a joke.


They concluded the article, writing: “This is all just a joke and, as far as we know, Kody has not actually married a fifth sister wife.”

Kody doesn’t follow anyone named Bonnie Dwyer on Instagram, and no one of the same name follows him.

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