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Sister Wives Fans Suspect Robyn Brown is Pregnant in New Video

ROBYN Brown has left fans thinking she may be pregnant thanks to new clues spotted in a video. The Sister Wives star is currently the only woman left standing with husband Kody.

It all kicked off when a fan took to TikTok to share their opinion on the controversial reality star.

In the short clip, the user outlined Robyn’s body, claiming to see a baby bump.


“Strictly my opinion. I heard the rumors they don’t let filming inside … maybe because the little babe is inside,” the poster of the clip suggested.

However, not all fans were on board as another follower claimed that the TLC notable may simply have a medical condition that has led to body changes.

Previously, fans have also wondered why Robyn, 45, and her co-stars usually film their exchanges outside her home and never indoors.


“Why isn’t Robyn getting filmed inside her house?” one viewer shared on an online thread dedicated to the series.

A person responded at the time: “Secret baby. It’s my favorite ‘conspiracy theory…'”

“Was there a rumor a while back that Robyn was pregnant? I’ve since heard about nannies and refusing to film her children or house. Could her having more and more kids be what’s behind a lot of it?” another shared.

Robyn and Kody were seen entering a school for a meeting earlier in October

Robyn had three kids: son Dayton, 23, and daughters Aurora, 21, and Breanna, 18, with her ex-husband David Jessop, who she was married to from 1999 to 2007.


Robyn’s current husband, Kody, legally adopted all three children when the couple tied the knot.

They also have two biological children: Solomon, 11, and Ariella, 7.

Earlier this month, Kody and Robyn were spotted in Flagstaff, Arizona, in exclusive photos obtained by The U.S. Sun.

The stars were seen as they entered a school, presumably for a meeting for one of their two younger children.

In the snaps, Kody had his arm around Robyn’s waist as they walked side-by-side into the school.

The father-of-18 wore a plum-colored T-shirt and denim jeans, while his fourth wife opted for a royal blue shirt and black jeans.

They were later seen exiting the school in a lighter mood as Kody was seen laughing at something Robyn was explaining.

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