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Sister Wives: Fans Slam Kody For Describing Robyn Like A DOG

Kody Brown always preferred Robyn over all the other wives. He enjoyed a polygamous life with his four wives for decades. However, the Sister Wives celeb risked the entire family to support his favorite wife. Christine, Janelle, and Meri walked out of the marriage after finding no reason to stay with him. Kody even ditched his children because they disrespected him and his fourth wife.

He has always acted as a victim and accused the others of ruining the family structure. Fans never understood why Kody always prioritized Robyn. It appears that dad-of-eighteen compared his favorite wife to a dog. Recently, the TLC audience slammed Kody for using disrespectful words for Robyn. What did he say?

Sister Wives: Fans Trash Kody’s New Statements About Robyn


Sister Wives

Kody Brown always bragged about Robyn Brown’s loyalty towards him. He always supported his fourth wife because she never disobeyed him. Unlike Christine and Janelle, she never argues with her husband. Kody’s fourth wife knows how to manipulate her husband into doing things of her choice.

Hence, Robyn became Kody’s favorite for not having her point of view about anything. Initially, viewers predicted they were genuinely in love. However, some Sister Wives fans noticed the way he has described Robyn during the years. A fan took to Reddit to start a thread that read, “Kody describes Robyn like she’s a dog.”

The OP expressed how Kody used words like “Loyal” and “Obedient” for his fourth wife. They stated, “Those are words you use to describe your dog, not your wife.” Further, the fan asked, “Why is she okay with him describing her this way?”


Kody describes Robyn like she’s a dog.
byu/Whistleblower793 inSisterWives

Fans were quick to share their response about the way Kody talked about Robyn. One user wrote, “He sees women as dogs, and he doesn’t even like dogs. Meanwhile, the others pointed at the way Kody suggested Meri to live in a barn dominium. A fan wrote. “The barn dominium was the most asinine thing I’d heard in all the years of TLC.”

Further, some speculated that he called Robyn loyal because she was dependent on him. A different fan noted, “She might be the only “loyal” wife because she’s also the only wife without her own income.” However, some Redditors think that Robyn is loyal because her relationship is transactional.


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