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Kody Brown Goes Nuts Over Robyn’s Question During a Live Interview

Sister Wives star Kody Brown went nuts on a live interview over a question regarding his last remaining wife, Robyn Brown. What could have possibly triggered him to lose his cool? At this point, pretty much anything. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Goes Nuts On Live Interview Over Robyn Question
Viewers have watched Kody Brown become increasingly unhinged over the last few seasons. He loses his cool at the drop of a hat. At first, he attributed it to his wives and kids not following his pandemic protocols. Then, his third wife, Christine Brown, decided she was leaving the family at the beginning of 2021. This rocked his world even though he had stopped coming by her house and withdrew intimacy. Whenever he lashed out, he blamed it on his divorce and then he and second wife, Janelle Brown came to blows. She finally decided there was nothing left between the two of them though somehow remained slightly hopeful.

Now, with just his fourth wife Robyn Brown, since he has nothing for first wife, Meri Brown, the father of eighteen has opened up. Kody is very clear that Robyn is the love of his life and she is his favorite as she is loyal. Due to this, he is fiercely protective of her and her five children. Therefore, when someone asked a question about her on a live, he went crazy. According to a Reddit thread, a caller asked this, per the OP:


“Kody is doing g an online interview. Someone called and asked Him about his comment that a bad sisterwive takes kids from the father, and Robyn did the same thing. He said no she didn’t. Caller also asked about if the Kids knew if their Dad was dying He was pissed and refused to answer.”

Which one of you called the show asking about Robyn?
byu/QueenHelloKitty inSisterWives

*This comment was made close to the end, try 20 minutes*


Yes, Robyn’s three eldest children from a previous marriage were adopted by Kody Brown in 2014. Their biological father is battling cancer but it is unclear if they know. So, what did Redditors have to say about Kody’s reaction? It turns out a completely separate thread was started just to chat about this Sister Wives interview. “Not Kody asking if they can edit out his comments about Robyn’s stepdad first wife … in a LIVE interview ☠️☠️☠️” one wrote.

It Goes On
Redditors did not stop when it came to Kody Brown and this insane interview. Apparently, he claims he cannot watch the episodes without getting physically ill. More so, his sister has even called him out for the patriarchy comment. It seemed that if the listeners were not already sickened by Kody before, this just made it even worse.

Did you listen to the interview and, if so, what were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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