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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Call For a New Tell-All Host For Season 18

News anchor and journalist Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan had the honor of being the tell-all host for Season 17 of Sister Wives. Fans of the series, however, are demanding that TLC find someone new and better to host the tell-all for Season 18.

Why do fans of Sister Wives have a problem with Suki? More importantly, what kind of tell-all host are they looking for? Keep reading for the details.

Sister Wives Fans Demand New Tell-All Host For Season 18


Sister Wives': Tell-All Host Talks Her Lack of 'Pushback' on Brown Family,  Addresses Fans Desire for 'Tough Questions'

As far as a tell-all host is concerned, Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan got a huge thumbs down from Sister Wives fans. Many admit they will NOT tune in to watch the tell-all this year of TLC brings her back as the host again.

Fans point out that Suki was clearly intimidated by Kody Brown. Furthermore, she allowed him to have entirely too much control over the interview. Fans just aren’t interested in watching a host who backs off every time Kody feels uncomfortable because of a hard question.

Fans Have Perfect Host In Mind
Now, the demanding Sister Wives fans aren’t being unreasonable with their request. They understand that TLC may not be able to get exactly who they want to be the host. These fans, however, would like the network to seriously consider finding a male host for the tell-all this year.


Need a TellAll Host Who Won’t Cower& Cater to Almighty Kody?
byu/susanlantz inSisterWives

More specifically, fans want a man with an alpha male personality. Someone who won’t buckle or bow to Kody Brown. While fans of Reddit were happy to throw some names in the hat, they hoped TLC would at least hear their plea for a male host.

One fan penned: “Get a real alpha male (with a great FULL head of hair) to host. Baldylocks would start off thinking he was an ally but would end up crying because he is such a baby. And since his biggest fear is poverty, tell him this is your job to answer the questions so answer or you’re fired.”

“I also found it really interesting how different he is when the interviewer is a man/men. Maybe they should have someone like Anderson Cooper do the tell-all this time and see how Kody manages it when he can’t flirt and jump-scare his way through it.” Another fan chimed in.


Does Kody Brown Control Sister Wives Tell-All?
Some fans fear Kody Brown has it written into his contract that he has some control over the tell-all interview. These same fans argue his contract should demand that he MUST answer all the questions during the tell-all if he wants his paycheck.

Do you agree that Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan didn’t do a very good job as host of the Sister Wives tell-all for Season 17? Are you in agreement with fans who want someone new? Furthermore, do you share the opinion that the host should be a man? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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