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Sister Wives: Robyn Tries to Steal Scene But It Backfires?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown had some fans almost embarrassed for her as she attempted to make the gender reveal video all about her on the TLC show. Her once-shared-husband also did the same thing, with fans suggesting they are two peas in a pod today.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Fails Trying to Prove a Point
Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron held a video gender reveal. They did this so that their large family could learn the gender of the twins at the same time. Because everyone is scattered across the country, the video call seemed to do the trick.

It was one way to tell all the Sister Wives family members at the same time. But instead of saying something supportive about the parents who are about to have twins, Robyn seemed to use this event for her own agenda, and she said so on the show.


Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Robyn said she hoped the Sister Wives family saw her and Kody Brown looking happy on this call. Then they might stop blaming her. Fans were mortified that she even entertained the thought of killing a decade of hurt and pain by appearing happy with the patriarch of the family.

Then she had her daughter in front of the camera speaking in her mother’s defense. Fans found this appalling, as this was about Mykelti and Tony, not Robyn. So, her attempt to soften fans seemed to do the opposite in the latest Sister Wives episode to air.

Fans Want to Know – Does Robyn Watch the Show?
Sister Wives fans wonder if Robyn Brown even watches their TLC series. If she did, then she would see how she comes off to the fans. She would also see the impression that her husband leaves with the viewers.


While she might try to say none of this is her fault, when Kody gets on the screen he seems to demonstrate the opposite. He is willing to give up his relationships with his kids if they won’t accept Robyn Brown.

So, Kody thinks he can coerce his kids into suddenly liking Robyn because if they don’t, they stand to lose him for good? This is on top of Robyn saying none of this is her fault. Fans suggest that she might start by telling her husband it’s okay if they don’t like her but fix things with your kids.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

But instead, the fans say it looks as if she’s got Kody, and unless she’s accepted, no one else will have access to him. Plus, she did a bang-up job showing how upset she was when Papa Brown kicked Meri to the curb. But fans didn’t buy it.

Even a Car Becomes All About Her…
During the latest Sister Wives episode, fans watched as Kody got rid of his convertible sports car. Or tried to, anyway. The other wives reminisced about how that vehicle was Kody’s “baby”. And much like Kody, they too had fond memories of that car.


But Robyn Brown beat them all, or so fans suggested she tried to do. She got her calling about Kody while in that car. Yes, she said it on the Sister Wives show, God spoke to her while in that car, and she knew right then that she’d accept his proposal.

Sister Wives: Robyn Fabricates History
Robyn tried hard through the years to create a history with Kody, longer than the one she had. But that was impossible. The original three Sister Wives brides were with him for two decades longer than Robyn. He held each of his kids in his arms on the day they were born.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Portrait

But for some reason that seemed to make Robyn feel slighted. So, she had a portrait painted using a photo of him with some of his other kids. But the other kids were erased, and Robyn Brown had her three kids, the ones she had from her previous marriage, painted into a portrait with Kody. Below is just a sample of how fans felt about the portrait above.

So the fans see that Robyn Brown goes on and on about how she wants to be part of the Sister Wives family. But it is stuff like this that makes fans believe she wants Kody all to herself.

Still, it seems as the latest episode played out, Robyn Brown made that gender reveal video all about her. That was enough evidence for the fans to believe that she now has Kody right where she wants him on the TLC series.

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