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Sister Wives: Janelle Shocker Suggest Women Kept in the Dark?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown makes a reveal so stunning that it also tells a story about the Brown family from an angle rarely talked about on this TLC series. It’s rather sad for fans to hear how someone so kind and caring could find herself in this situation. But after hearing this news, it puts a lot into perspective for the viewers of the show.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Faces Obstacles
It hasn’t been easy for Janelle Brown to sever herself from Kody Brown. Still, the viewers thought that her emotional ties to her shared husband held her back.

That, along with Janelle’s religious belief in her spiritual marriage, was thought to be her biggest roadblock. But it seems the major obstacle remained a secret. That’s until she dropped the bombshell reveal on Sister Wives this week.


Sister Wives: Janelle Brown | TLC

Sure, Janelle Brown believed in the sacred vow she made to Kody many years ago when joining the family. So, leaving her marriage was no easy feat.

The entire time she struggled to make a decision, Christine Brown thought it was her co-wife’s love for Kody that kept her with him. But things aren’t always as they seem to be, and Christine found that out this week on Sister Wives.

Janelle Brown Blurts It Out
Christine Brown set out on a road trip to see her brothers, and Janelle Brown joined her on this trip. Janelle was concerned that she would need to defend her polygamous choices during this visit.


She knew Christine didn’t believe in polygamy anymore. Plus, she knew her brothers didn’t either, despite living in a polygamous family while growing up.

But instead of defending polygamy, Janelle blurted out how an exit strategy from this type of relationship became excruciating hard.

It sounded as if Janelle has stayed with Kody because she’s broke. All her assets are so morphed in with Kody and Robyn Brown that she’s having to fight “hard” to get what she has coming to her.

Janelle Brown stayed with the Sister Wives clan but was angry. She was also scared at the same time. This reveal shocked Christine.

Sister Wives: Shocking News
Janelle Brown said her finances are all tied up, which caused a battle to get her money. All along, Christine thought she struggled with her love for Kody, which was partially true.


But Janelle had no assets of her own, which seemed to surprise Christine. So, this suggested to the Sister Wives fans that she still contributes to that family cookie jar, where her money is not her own.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown did give a clue about how that was working these days a few episodes back. That is when she alluded to Robyn getting more than her fair share of their pooled finances.

But what seemed really shocking to come out of this was how Christine seemed to have no idea. When Janelle told her she’s got nothing to call her own, her co-wife looked blindsided. This suggests that the wives were kept in the dark about each other’s financial situations.

You would hope if everyone pooled their earnings, it would be an open book. In today’s world, you like to think they would all know where they stand financially.

But Janelle’s lack of access to finances seem to leave Christine astonished. So, it looks like she had no idea about her co-wife’s financial situation.

Exit Strategy…
Janelle Brown’s dilemma seems to suggest that the Sister Wives co-wives had absolutely no control over this family cookie jar. Christine Brown was lucky enough to purchase a house when moving to Flagstaff.

So, when she sold it, to move to Utah, she kept the money despite Kody being on the deed with her.

It was a trade-off for her share of Coyote Pass. But Janelle worried about the family’s finances, so she went a different way for living in Flagstaff.

She lived in a rental while hoping her home on Coyote Pass would materialize a long time ago. So, whether it was planned or not, Christine seemed to have her financial exit strategy covered.

It also looks like Meri Brown saw the writing on the wall. She created a nest egg for herself years back with her bed and breakfast establishment.

Remember how upset the other spouses, especially Kody, were when she told them her bed and breakfast was a solo deal? They expected Meri to contribute its profits to their shared assets.

But it sounded as if this was the first that Christine learned about her co-wife’s horrendous dilemma. And she looked heartbroken for Janelle Brown when discovering this on the TLC show.

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