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Mykelti Brown Snaps at Critics Who Said She Put Her Baby Twins in a ‘Dangerous’ Situation

Mykelti Brown, a member of the Brown family behind the TLC show Sister Wives, has been inching more and more into the public eye over the past year. Now, as a mama of three, including two-year-old Avalon and one-year-old twins, Ace and Archer, with husband Tony Padron, she’s been the subject of online critics.

But, unlike some other reality TV moms, Mykelti isn’t shy about clapping back.
This whole thing started a few days ago when Mykelti shared a video on social media ahead of her twins’ first birthday.

In the video, the two boys are walking, crawling, and exploring the toys in the home. They check out some toys and angel wings, and eventually, one of the boys closes the open ottoman and crawls on top.


The video is cute and very typical of toddlers. But that’s not what critics saw.
According to some comments left on the video, people took to the comment section to quesiton Mykelti.

She was questioned over why there weren’t any outlet covers on in the area where their kids area and to try and explain to Myketli about “dangerous” that is to leave them open.

But, there were a lot of people coming to Mykelti’s defense, too.
“Why aren’t the children wearing helmets inside?” one person asked. “Where are their protective goggles? Lol,” making the sarcasm clear.

“So sad to see everyone opinions on plugs,” another wrote.

“People seriously need to calm down about the outlets,” another fan clapped back. “My gosh. I’m sure knows that.”


“Gotta love all the electrical outlet comments,” another person wrote. “I’m not sure how we survived the 60s, 70s, and 80s without them 😂🤣😂 Those boys are gorgeous! Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re an amazing mom.”

Mykelti wasn’t going to let this go unaddressed.
According to reports, Mykelti deleted the comments on her post that called her out over not having any outlet covers in her home–or at least where the kids were playing.

But she didn’t leave it there. Mykelti posted a video calling out all the people who were questining her and accusing her of putting her kids in danger’s way.

“To all of the comments about the stupid outlets on my recent point, why is that the focal point?” she questioned in an Instagram story.

She continued: “I do have outlet plugs for all of my outlets, however, my daughter goes through and pulls them out.”

“So every now and then I’ll put them all back in, maybe once or so a week, and then that exact same day she goes through and unplugs them all.”

Mykelti shared her belief that she thinks Avalon pulling the outlet covers out is more dangerous, especially since Avalon then started playing with the covers.

She’s not one to ignore the hate and not stand up for herself.

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