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Kody Brown Slams This Sister Wives Star For Allegedly Treating Him Like “A Piece Of Meat”

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown accuses a former wife of being attracted to his “nice pecs and great six-pack abs,” and making him feel like a pool boy.

  •  Sister Wives star Kody Brown claims Janelle Brown made him feel like a “piece of meat” and was only interested in his physical appearance.
  •  Janelle emphasizes that there’s more to marriage than physical attraction, focusing on emotional connection instead.
  •  Kody and Janelle lacked a connection and stopped spending quality time together, leading to their separation after 30 years.

Kody Brown claimed that one of his Sister Wives co-stars saw him like a “pool boy,” making him feel like a “piece of meat.” Kody is a 54-year-old Salt Lake City native and patriarch of the Brown family. He first tied the knot with Meri Brown in April 1990, just six months after meeting. Janelle Brown became Kody’s second wife in 1993 when he decided to explore polygamy after a spiritual calling. Kody expanded his family further by spiritually marrying Christine Brown in 1994, and then came Robyn Brown, his fourth and last wife. She changed the family dynamic. Christine was the first of Kody’s wives to leave him.

Then came Janelle Brown, whose marriage to Kody changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. After the Sister Wives couple announced their separation after nearly 30 years of marriage in late 2022, a preview clip from the upcoming Sister Wives season 18 four-part tell-all, courtesy of E! News, shows Kody claiming Janelle never tried to get to know him when they were together and made him feel like a “piece of meat.”


As per Kody, Janelle was not in love with him but thought that he was “hot” because he had “nice pecs and great six-pack abs.” According to Kody, that’s all Janelle had been interested in.

Janelle Brown Laughs At Kody For “Loving His Pecs”

When host Sukanya Krishnan asks him if he felt like a “physical bot toy” in the marriage, Kody claims he felt like “some pool boy.” He adds, “I felt like a piece of meat.” The clip then shows Janelle saying that Kody is “way missing the boat” because there’s a lot more to marriage than just physical attraction. “I feel like we’re in big danger here,” she adds. Sukanya tells Janelle that there’s a real difference between Kody sitting down with Janelle to have a conversation about their separation than with Christine. Janelle agrees that she feels like they had “all aspects” of a marriage, and they were healthy.


Janelle bursts out laughing when Sukanya asks her about Kody’s pecs. She admits she didn’t care about Kody’s body because there’s so much more to a marriage than that. Janelle feels that Kody loving his pecs is great, but “it’s not what it’s about” to her. To Janelle, marriage was about having an emotional connection. Kody, meanwhile, says that the confessional clip from the start of the video missed him talking about Janelle just seeing him as a “physical specimen and as a resource.” He accuses Janelle of never really diving deeper into his “humanity” and his vulnerability.

Kody and Janelle welcomed six children in their 30 years together. However, as Janelle pointed out, they lacked a connection. Kody and Janelle had stopped spending quality time witih each other. He completely stopped interacting with Janelle and the kids during the pandemic. Kody became a friend to Janelle by forgetting about his role as a husband when he married Robyn. He started having meaningless fights with Janelle and didn’t motivate her to chase her goals, eventually making her lose all respect for him. Kody and Janelle seemed to have a great bond, but she did grow out of polygamy, which meant sharing her husband with three other women, especially Robyn.

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