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‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Pissed Kody Ruined Her Master Plan?

Sister Wives fans suspect Robyn Brown is fuming after realizing Kody has royally messed up her master plan. What exactly was that master plan? And, how did Kody ruin it? Keep reading for the details.

Robyn Brown P*ssed Kody Ruined Master Plan?
Robyn Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives has been extremely upset that all of Kody’s other wives have left him. She claims it is because she pictured a future with herself sitting on a porch with Janelle, Meri, and Christine as they watched their children and grandchildren play.

As we previously reported, Sister Wives fans realized she actually stole her dream from Janelle who was the first to speak of it on the show. Naturally, this has fans wondering if Robyn Brown has been lying about anything else.



Turns out, fans now suspect Robyn didn’t actually care about having sister wives to grow old with. It wasn’t the sister wives experience she enjoyed. It was her position as Kody’s final trophy wife that she really enjoyed.

Did She Do This To Herself?
Now, some fans aren’t sure if it is really fair to blame Kody Brown as the one who ruined Robyn’s master plan. In fact, some fans believe Robyn actually played herself right out of the reason why she got with Kody in the first place. For Robyn, it was so important for her to “win” as his favorite wife that she pushed the other wives right out the door. In doing so, all she has done is cost herself a lot of money.


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Her Love For Kody Brown Fading
Sister Wives fans suspect Robyn’s love for Kody is quickly fading as she realizes the situation she is now in. In fact, here’s some of what fans think about Robyn’s real feelings for Kody:

  • “She’s mad that he’s most likely cost her the show and the money they’ve been stealing. Robyn hasn’t worked since joining their family, she is also very pissed that he’s now lost Janelle & Meri’s incomes in addition to the show money. She wanted to win, she was just too self-focused to realize that Kody was never the prize.”
  • “I think she’s smart enough to see a fickle man in front of her who is actively screwing over 3 other women financially. Shes shoring up some resources for herself.”
  • “She looks absolutely miserable and has for awhile now. She did make that pointed comment about how Kody has been rewriting history lately. Kody is intense too, his emotions are always level 10. I bet he’s like a dementor. He sucks happiness from everyone in the house when he’s in a bad mood.”
  • “I think Robyn does want him to work things out with the other wives – but she doesn’t want to compromise or acknowledge that she might be the problem here. She wants him to convince them to accept her vision and be happy about it.”

Robyn Brown Wants It For The Wrong Reasons?
Ultimately, Sister Wives fans believe Robyn does want Kody to work things out with his former wives. Fans, however, don’t think it comes from a good or kind place. The real question is: Will Robyn Brown leave Kody without his other wives bringing in money so she doesn’t have to work?

Do you think Robyn Brown’s love for Kody is fading? Furthermore, do you think part of her problem is refusing to admit she helped cause her family to fall apart? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news and updates.

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