‘1923’: 4 Interesting Easter Eggs and Parallels for ‘Yellowstone’ Fans

The Taylor Sheridan series 1923 is only four episodes in and already includes some interesting easter eggs and parallels to Yellowstone. The prequel series tells the story of the Dutton family defending their ranch just as they would do a century later. Here are four details fans may have missed.

[Spoiler alert: 1923 and Yellowstone Season 5 spoilers ahead.]

The crystal glasses in ‘1923’ may be a ‘Yellowstone’ easter egg
In Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7, John Dutton learns of a possible brucellosis infection amongst his cattle. Frustrated by the predicament this puts him in, John goes to smash a Swaharovksi crystal decanter. “That is a hundred years old and belonged to your grandfather,” Beth says when she spots him. “Break something else.”


In 1923 Episode 4, Spencer Dutton and his fiance Alexandra spend several blissful days on the beaches of Zanzibar. While they lounge in bed, they drink whiskey from a decanter and glasses that look very similar to the set seen in Yellowstone Season 5.

1923 easter eggs include the crystal glasses Alex has on the bed next to her in Zanzibar.

Some fans have guessed that this could be a hint that Kevin Costner’s John Dutton actually comes from Spencer’s line. However, it’s also possible that Spencer gifts the decanter and glasses to his nephew, Jack Dutton.

Kayce and Spencer Dutton have a lot in common
It might not seem like it at first, but Spencer and Kayce Dutton parallel each other in interesting ways. Both served in the military and deal with the resulting PTSD throughout the series. Both choose to leave the Dutton Ranch behind for a time but are reluctantly brought back to the family.

A theory from Reddit even suggests that something might happen to Spencer’s fiance Alex and that he will end up marrying Teonna. If that is the case, it adds another parallel, with Kayce and Spencer both marrying Native American women.


The significance of cutting hair in Native American culture is explored in ‘1923’ and ‘Yellowstone’
Yellowstone Season 5 has been especially difficult for Monica Dutton. Her baby boy only survives for an hour after his birth, and she struggles with the grief of losing a child. In a moment of anguish, Monica cuts her hair in the kitchen in episode 3.

Throughout 1923, Teonna Rainwater endures horrific torture at the government-funded boarding school she is forced to attend. In episode 4, after again being brutalized, the nuns forcibly cut her long hair.

Aminah Nieves plays Teonna in 1923. Teonna sits on her bed wearing a white night gown and holding a Bible. She has short hair and black markings on her face.


According to The Long Hairs blog, Native Americans believe hair has a special significance. “Many tribes cut their hair when there is a death in the immediate family as an outward symbol of the deep sadness and a physical reminder of the loss,” the outlet writes.

In Teonna’s case, Native American children who attended these horrific boarding schools were often forced to cut their hair as a way to strip them of their cultural identity.


‘1923’ explains more of the Dutton’s gravestones
For over a century, Duttons have been buried at the ranch’s private cemetery. This began when Elsa died in her father’s arms not long after they arrived in Montana. James and Margaret were buried on the same plot a decade later.

In Yellowstone, Summer Higgins explores this very cemetery. Insider points out that there are several names, such as Michael Dutton, Patience Dutton, Chance Dutton, and Ned Dutton, who have not yet been introduced in the Dutton-verse.

However, 1923 Episode 4 could account for one. In a letter, Alex and Spencer learn that John and Emma had a baby that “did not survive.” Cara’s letter continued, “God wished her only one, but what a special one he is.” Although the baby’s name is never mentioned, he was likely buried on the ranch.

The New ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1923’ is Reportedly Getting Double the Episodes Originally Planned

  • “1923,” the new “Yellowstone” prequel on Paramount+, is reportedly getting eight more episodes.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that filming for the episodes would begin this spring.
  • But there’s been confusion about additional episodes in the “Yellowstone” universe before.

More “1923” is reportedly coming.

Paramount+’s new “Yellowstone” prequel, starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, is getting eight more episodes on top of the originally planned eight, according to a Wall Street Journal story published on Saturday.

The report said the producers wanted to “spread out their production costs and nearly double their supply of content.”

Filming for the second batch of eight episodes is set to begin this spring, the report said. The eighth episode of “1923” is expected to debut on February 5.

The first eight episodes cost $22 million each, and the next eight are expected to cost $17 million each, the report said.

Paramount declined to comment when contacted by Insider.

Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton and Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton of the Paramount+ series 1923. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Journal described these additional episodes as “more ‘1923,’” but the “Yellowstone” universe has sparked confusion before regarding the first prequel, “1883.”

Paramount had announced additional episodes of “1883” during an investor presentation last February but stopped short of saying it had been renewed for a second season. It also announced a second prequel, which ultimately became “1923.”

The announcement came weeks before the “1883” finale, in which several main characters died, raising confusion about how it could possibly continue.

The executive producer David Glasser later told Insider that fans shouldn’t expect a second season of “1883” but that the story would continue. He said the prequels could be thought of collectively as an anthology series.

Whether the case this time is more “1923” or another prequel, it’s clear that Paramount is going all in on the “Yellowstone” franchise and wants more of it as soon as possible.

“Yellowstone,” which airs on Paramount Network, is the biggest series on cable, with season five averaging 13 million viewers an episode, according to Nielsen.

Streaming rights for past seasons belong to NBCUniversal’s Peacock, but Paramount found a way to capitalize on the show’s success for its own streaming service.

Its creator, Taylor Sheridan, struck a deal with Paramount to make more TV shows for the company. They so far include “Mayor of Kingstown,” “Tulsa King,” “1883,” and “1923,” all for Paramount+.

Paramount has said “1923” was Paramount+’s biggest series debut.

1923 returns with new episodes on February 5 on Paramount+.


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